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Five Methods to Make your Meeting Culture Greener

As we become more aware of our impact on the planet, more companies are rising to the challenge of going green. No longer will environmentally sustainable practices be a trend, soon it will have to be a way of life. While there are many ways to change the companies so that they become greener and more environmentally-friendly, altering the culture of meetings is a great way to get started. By ending wasteful practices like superfluous prints, we can all do our part and make the world more efficient and sustainable.

Utilize Tools of Technology

One way to make your meetings culture greener while modernizing its approach to conferences is to utilize the tools of the modern world. A great way to do this is to use an online resource that can help you organize meetings. Not only will this help you do the right thing in regards to the environment, it will make your business more effective, thus increasing the bottom line.

Look for an online tool that will enable you to use meeting room booking. With the right cloud-based service you will have a calendar, notes, and other helpful details. These software option help companies of all sizes get organized. They provide the ability to plan meetings, specify roles, schedule who will talk and what they will talk about. This can be used in the meetings themselves, detailing the timeline of the meeting. Not only do these online resources eliminate the need for posters and other visual aids, they can be accessed from anywhere and will help your office go paperless.

Strive towards Paperless Conferences and Meetings

Paper won’t be around very long. At this point, we don’t really need it. The digital canvass is endless and can be accessed on the internet. Stop wasting money on paper and you will become greener in the process. Cutting down trees, paper costs a lot in both your spending at your business as well as the effect that it has on our world. Trees help regulate our climate by taking in C02. If we keep cutting down trees for things we can do without, we are creating a warmer, more unstable world.

Make Events Green

In-person events are undeniably a significant part of business culture. They enable people to connect, create networks, view state-of-the-art products and tech, and meet other key players in their industry. By making your company events sustainable, you will not only save money you will cause a ripple effect in your company and your industry. Green events are frugal events. Acknowledging environmental concerns at your events, you will encourage staff to stop being wasteful and cut down on costs while lessening your impact on the natural world. The company will only benefit from these practices in the long-run.

Cut Down on Flyers & other Physical Materials

One way to do this is to cut down on costs of flyers in favor of more modern techniques. For example, online app features will be a marketing tool that will be attractive to investors. By giving everyone with a phone access to your ads and marketing techniques, you will promoting sustainable practices. Often environmentally-friendly business decisions are derided as expensive, but if you know what you are doing and use it as an opportunity to innovate, it will be anything but costly. It will help you make more money.

Another way to make your events green is to reuse badges and other physical items. You should take every opportunity to use technology to avoid physical materials, but if you have to use hard copy name tags, for example, you should reuse them every year or recycle them if need be. You will be able to save around $1,000 per event doing this.

Use Recycled Materials

Whether at any event or in private meetings at your company, eliminating hard copies can mitigate your impact on the environment, but so can using recycled materials. Think deeply about who you work with and how the company is in regards to the environment. If you promote the fact that you only work with sustainable partners, your PR will improve and your costs will go down.

Business meeting culture could use a refresh. All managers should be coming up with new ways to become more environmentally-friendly. It doesn’t have to be expensive. All you have to do is be conscious of the price that hard materials come with and think about ways to eliminate these costs with modern technology. In tandem, these practices will move your company toward the future.

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