From a dog’s life to a dream job

From a dog’s life to a dream job

A photographer has created a business after a picture of one of his labrabors dozing in an armchair became an online hit.

The man, known as Villager Jim, roams the country near his home in Derbyshire, taking pastoral photographs and shares them on social media. The pictures often feature animal life.

Sales of cards, cushions and other merchandise based on the photographs have been so successful that he has been able to leave his job as a web designer.

“I think it’s the vast majority of people in towns and cities wanting to be part of an adventure they can only dream of,” he said. Thanks a lot for visiting. Before we carry on I needed to say thank you to for their continued support and the support of their network. Having a service team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our very own blog.

Since last month he has sold more than 150,000 greetings cards, 10,000 calendars and thousands of cushions. He also sells mugs, diaries and notebooks decorated with his photos.

He added: “The Facebook following has gone mental. One of the major points of loving what I do is the gang of followers online. I feel I know each and every one of them and always love chatting online. The people online are my greatest pleasure as it’s amazing to be able to have an audience that appreciates my pictures.

“There is a lot of work involved but what isn’t work is getting up at 4am and capturing the local wildlife as it wakes up. It’s the most enjoyable thing in the world.”

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