For Those About to Game: Android Brings You Great App Options

Android has a massive number of games available through the Google Play Store, so many that most people get a little discouraged because they don’t know what’s truly great. If you’re finding it difficult to get the right game, then don’t worry. This list will show you the best game options currently available on Android. These games have been released to high acclaim and are recognized throughout the mobile gaming community.

Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire 

This mobile version of the latest Final Fantasy takes things in an interesting direction. You are charged with forming an empire, building up its resources and army and then conquering nearby kingdoms. Whether for profit or protection, you must dominate the landscape.

You can also make an alliance with other kingdoms to improve your defensive and offensive abilities. This makes you even stronger while improving your resource gathering. If you want to build a kingdom while experiencing the fun of Final Fantasy 15, then this is the best game for you.


You play an intergalactic trucker who crash lands on an unfamiliar and hostile planet. To survive against the elements and unwelcoming aliens, you must craft items with whatever you can find. Through your quest, you will have the opportunity to save the world.

This game has RPG elements in terms of character development along with a great crafting mechanic to help you build hundreds of items. The game makes crafting and finding items much easier by helping you quickly organize your items, and there will be a lot of them to organize.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This game was released years ago, but just like World of Warcraft, it has found a way to hang on with a dedicated audience. This is a card game very similar to Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering. You must collect cards and use them strategically against opponents. Most of these cards are characters from various Warcraft games, or they take on common elements that you would find while playing these titles.

The mechanics are easy to grasp. Those who love making complex strategies and fantasy games will definitely enjoy Hearthstone.

Pokemon Go

If you haven’t joined the frenzy yet, then you definitely have to. Pokemon Go allows you to travel around the real world and capture Pokemon that show up. There are currently all of the pokemon from Pokemon Silver and Gold, so there are 250 different creatures to catch. The game is simple, and it will get you outside trying to hunt for pikachu, charmander, ditto and all of your other favorites.

There is also a raid battling system where players can come together and battle rare creatures. If you win, then you’ll have the opportunity to catch them. This allows you to get legendary pokemon like Moltres, Mewtwo and Lugia.

This War of Mine

This is one of the most expensive Android games, but many people say that it’s worth it because the quality is that high. You are leading a group of civilians through a war-torn city. The goal is to survive. You will be tasked with making difficult decisions that can impact the whole group. Will you sacrifice one to allow the group to survive, or will you put everyone in danger for trivial dilemmas?

This game will constantly give you new tasks and decisions, so the game play is always evolving and changing.


There are many amazing games on the Android market, you just have to look for them. This list is just a small sample of what mobile gaming can accomplish. You will find that developers are constantly coming out with new games that are pushing the limits of mobile devices to give you the best experience possible.

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