Gaming Personalities: Which One Best Suits Your Playing Style?

With all the stigma surrounding gamers, it’s hard not to place yourself inside society’s pre-determined box as a “gamer” and call it a day.

But the thing is, there’s much more to a gamer’s personality than just loving video games.

Not to mention, knowing which gaming personality you are can help you find video games you’ll like. That’s why today we’re going to help you find your gaming personality and start to chip away at the one-size-fits-all stereotype non-gamers like to place on gamers.

1. Destroyer

Destroyers love to figure out new and inventive ways to take out, kill, maim, and all around destroy anything that comes into their paths. You don’t like the thought of having to map out your approach or deal with extensive strategies. You just want to win – every single time.

Games to play – Counter Strike: Source, Red Orchestra, PlanetSide 2 

2. Creator

Creators love expandability, freedom, and originality in their games. You love to build things, innovate, and make heavy modifications. You’d rather spend your time building than achieving goals (or killing things) and you love to show off your creations to anyone that cares.

Games to play – Minecraft, any of the Tycoon Series 

3. Completor

As a completor, your number one goal is to achieve every objective that’s possible in the game. You want to get to the end and win, but not without collecting, beating, discovering, and exploring every single element you can. If it’s a multiplayer game, and you’re using the best PS4 gaming headset around, you love to show off how well you’re doing to other players.

Games to play – Morrowind, Skyrim, Cave Story 

4. Thinker

Thinkers thrive when it comes to playing advanced, strategic, and long-haul type games. You don’t mind putting the effort into solving complex puzzles, travelling the difficult roads, or compromising the now for the later so you can win.

Games to play – Portal 2, Hearts of Iron, Frozen Synapse, Dwarf Fortress 

5. Explorer

Explorers want to immerse themselves in breathtaking environments and experience the adventure of it all. You want to embark on journeys that have no objective and love all things visual. You also probably collect pointless things (that won’t help you win) while you hit every place on the map just to say you did.

Games to play – Trine 2, Divinity II, SWTOR

6. Challenger

Challengers are all about skill and speed. You want to beat a game and hold the top score – forever. You love a challenge and will often play the same level over and over just to perfect things like times and scores. You also probably love old-school arcade games.

Games to play – Silver Surfer (NES), N+, VVVVVV 

7. Adventurer

Adventurers are a mix between explorers and destroyers. You love the story behind the game, immerse yourself for hours, but also like to destroy things (if it will help you win). You try to have fun, see it all, and meet the objectives all at once for the complete video game experience.

Games to play – Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, BioShock 

Are you not finding yourself fitting any of the above gaming personalities? That’s okay! You might just be what we like to call a “causal gamer.”

You know, the type that is up for anything and loves to play video games to relax. You don’t tend to put too much thought into what you’re playing, and are only concerned with whether it’s fun or not. And when it comes to the types of games you’ll play, nothing is off-limits – phone, social, indie, and puzzle games are all cool.

And there you have it! The top gaming personalities to help you find video games you’ll like and give you something to tell people when they call you a just a “gamer.”

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