Geeks Throw the Best Parties – Secret Weapon? Mobile Phone Apps

Say what you will about what us so-called geeks lack in social skills, but once you grow beyond those anxiety-filled teenage years and you’ve somehow managed to carry that “geek” tag into your adult life, all of a sudden social skills become something you can approach with all the weapons you have in your secret collection of geeky tools. Dare I say, in all our adult lives, those who did indeed carry the geek tag growing up throw the best parties, for example — something which was perhaps the preserve of the more popular kids in school.

The Social Redemption of the Geeks?

Enlist the help of a geek when you’re throwing a party and you can almost be completely sure it’ll be a hit. Ask a so-called former or current geek to organise an entire party and it’ll perhaps even be more of a guarantee to be a real hit, simply because of the geek-redemption syndrome. They (we) are now in the know and can always jump online to perhaps get something like a list of the latest in popular tracks to rock at the party and have everybody bumping their heads real hard and things get even more official if there’s a preference for some kind of a theme to the party.

Creative Party Themes

There was one particular occasion on which a so-called geek (I won’t say who) hosted a party I can confidently say the entire neighbourhood will never forget, partly because everybody keeps coming back to this party-king geek to enlist some of his help when they’re throwing an event. So the secret weapon in this instance was a specific mobile phone app developed by Apptly.

As part of the RSVP requirements for any attendees who wanted to confirm their presence so that they could get a personalised, surprise free gift, they each had to send through a recent picture of their faces. Needless to say those who grew up popular due to their good looks and the likes were the first to confidently send through their face pictures and the party-king geek who shall remain unnamed for now proceeded to use a mobile phone app to create and print masks for each of the party gang.

It’s an “old face” app for both the iTunes and Android platforms: Old Face iTunes App and Old Face Android App which in fairness anybody could download and have a lot of fun using, but geek-party god printed masks for each guest using this app to essentially have them looking like older versions of themselves. Super way to break the ice if you ask me.

This is just one example of how us geeks do it these days and I’ll have you know, it’s quite something having a whole party gang enjoying themselves together in the best way we know how in this day and age as everybody ended up checking the app out for themselves — those with iPhones particularly fixated on the outcome of what the Fat Face iTunes App generates in the same way as those who use Android phones delighted in the output of the same Fat Face Android App.

Party like a geek in 2017 and you’ll have the time of your life!

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