Geeky Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift can be tricky depending on the level of your relationship with your Valentine.  Choosing something too romantic for a fairly new relationship could come off as too bold, and something to casual for a relationship that is fairly progressed could come across as insulting.


This is where a geeky gift comes into play.  If your gift has a slightly humorous edge, then it takes away any of those pesky Valentine’s Day expectations or risks of being badly interpreted.  At the same time, why waste time making it a gift that isn’t useful? Combine playfulness and usefulness by considering some of these geeky gift ideas.

Workout Gear

If your partner is an active one, something designed to make their workouts or outings easier can be a fantastic gift.  Consider a heart rate monitor for measuring calories burned and distance achieved.  A lot of these gadgets are compatible with third party apps that are competition based.  It can be fun and challenging to have a competition with your other friends to see who burned the most and burned the most calories.

Perhaps gifting something to wear at the gym would be a good gift as well. From iPhone armbands created to wear your music close while you work up a sweat, to wireless headphones, or a t-shirt with a reference to their favorite video game.

His and Hers

His and hers gifts can be a hilarious, yet sentimental gestures.  You could go with virtually anything as a his and hers.  Perhaps a set of robes, coffee mugs, or cosplay costumes would be just what the love doctor ordered.

These gifts make for a great laugh and plenty of photo opportunities.The better you know your partner, the more you can get creative with this gift option.  The goal here is making them explode with laughter upon opening it and hopefully sealing it with a kiss.

DVD set

A full DVD set of your partner’s favorite show or trilogy has the power to make them smile from ear to ear.  Perhaps it’s every episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, or How I Met Your Mother including deleted scenes.

DVD sets can come in beautiful and creative packaging and can be a wonderful gift option for your valentine if they are a film and television buff.

Something Hobby Related

If your Valentine is a huge fan of cooking, then perhaps something like a DIY sushi set would be something that they would find new and exciting.

Hobbies can come in all shapes and sizes, so depending on what they like to do in their spare time, you could get as crazy or as conservative as you want on this one.

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