Getting Money For Your Next Geeky Adventure

Geeky adventures aren’t looked at the same way that they used to be. Because technology has brought geek culture to the forefront of entertainment especially, the world no longer has the same stigma that it used to, and telling a group of people that you’re collecting funds for your next techy project is going to raise more enthusiasm than it will doubts.


But, there’s still a process that you have to follow in order to get cash, and these can include getting private loans, crowdfunding your needs, gathering cash as a group, presenting your idea online for funding, or even potentially throwing an event with some sort of cover charge.

Get a Private Loan

Getting a private loan for a production concept in the geek world is no big deal. Especially if you have a business plan ready and an idea that you’re sure will resonate with your community, it should be no problem at all. And because it’s a private loan, the rules for repayment may be slightly looser than if you tried to get a loan from a bank or government institution.

Crowdfunding Your Needs

If you have a product that needs to go through cycles of development, and you can put your idea into a solid presentation to crowdfund it, then you’re in good company as well. Since geeks are often going to be the ones perusing the net more often anyway (especially from the gaming and entertainment communities), this gives you even more of an advantage when it comes to reaching your desired financial goal in a reasonable amount of time.

Gather Cash In a Group

If you collect enough people who all want to work together on your project, you might even be able to scratch together the startup cash without having to go outside of your initial group. If everyone is willing to put in some of their savings, with even a small collection of initial investors and creators, your vision can come to fruition quickly, especially if you’re bringing together the brainpower of a bunch of programmers.

Present the Idea Online

If your idea is good enough to journal on a daily basis, you can put it out online to see if you can get donations to your cause. If you’re genuine and write blog posts about your struggles and needs, people may rise to the occasion and voluntarily get you started by supporting you financially.

Throw an Event

A more random way of getting money to start your geeky idea up would be to actually throw an event. It could be a gaming competition for instance, where people would gather that enjoy similar types of experiences that your product would fit into anyway. Cover charge would be just enough to get your startup cash flowing.


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