How to Give a Killer Presentation without Breaking a Sweat

Giving a presentation is an art. Some people are naturally good at it but most others suffer at the thought of speaking to an audience. Whether you are talking to a group of 30 or 300, the rules of giving a good presentation remain the same.

Are you going to give a presentation soon? If yes, follow our tips to make it memorable, entertaining, and enjoyable. Whether it is a business meeting or a keynote speaking assignment at a conference, you will rock them all with our handy tips. Let’s get started.

Add a little flair

People don’t like presentations for only one reason- they are boring. The last thing that you want to do is get stuck with a boring presentation. Think about adding a little flair- some entertainment, some humor. This will help you in keeping your audience engaged. The best presenters are those who understand their audience. A little humor often goes a long way. If you need to, then rehearse with someone you know. Look for the bits where they get disengaged or the words they don’t seem to understand. Make changes accordingly. If you need to be more entertaining, add some jokes. Sometimes, a little self-aware joke goes a long way.

Begin with a bang

Your audience will likely make a deep and lasting impression about you within seconds of starting the presentation. You don’t want to save the best for the last here. If you cannot keep your audience engaged for the first few minutes, your ‘big surprise’ in the end will not make a difference to their perception. Ensure that your presentation has a striking beginning. Even the way you greet your audience could make a big difference in their perception.

Don’t read out the slides

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while giving a presentation is to read what is written on a slide. This is a boring and under confident way to appeal to an audience. They will likely reject you simply because you don’t add anything new to the picture. If they had to read slides, they would not have opted for a live presentation instead.

They hate numbers

Your audience is not fond of numbers. You don’t have to tell a story in numbers because that is the worst way to give a presentation. Just think about it from the audience’s perspective. If somebody kept narrating the facts and numbers, will there ever be a hint of interest left in the room? No. People prefer to be told stories. Sketch them a story of how those numbers were achieved or narrate the real reason why this number is important to your audience and you shall notice an immediate difference.

Don’t be boring. It is the first carnal sin of a presentation. The moment your audience is bored, you have already lost your cause. So be entertaining, keep your message simple, and ensure that your audience gets a few key takeaways. This will make you more memorable and you will achieve whatever goal you in have in mind with ease.

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