Hi, AI: Meeting the Future with Artificial Intelligence

One of the principal acclaimed references to AI on the world literature is in a novel called “Robbie” by Isaac Asimov. Throughout the years, mankind has been caught with a plan to make robots with human qualities to be our partners. Mostly, we see AI as being robotic, which is wrong. This article on artificial intelligence will definitely change how you view AI — and how it can help us shape a better future.

What is AI?

In fundamental terms, AI is an expansive area of computer science that can make machines and program appear like they have the human intellect and enhance themselves.

Robot Sophia, who was conversing with journalists on GMB, has a case study how the majority of the general population envision AI. A robot is simply only a shell where the real technology lives. In reality, we have been in touch with AI for quite a while without even knowing that it is AI.

Virtual assistants as Siri, Cortana, Alexa have AI with machine learning capabilities, which gives them a chance to give you a response to any inquiry you ask them, like “what is the pi character” or “where is the closest café”.

Today, AI can perceive things better and faster than people, decipher numerous dialects real-time, play logical games and numerous different things. AI does not get tired, discouraged, diverted — they are faster, and can amazingly manage huge information. AI-based technologies are changing the labor market and businesses themselves as the industrial revolution used to do it.

AI as a part of our life

Why do you see certain advertisements while browsing Facebook or use translation services? Google, Facebook, and others AI-based technologies break down your interests and inquiries and return results which are relevant to your search query.

Where can we often experience AI?

  • When you use translators and interpreters like Google Translate;
  • Whenever you play the stock market, the software can settle on choices relying upon a few indicators, e.g. purchase or sell money based on its rates;
  • When you play a PC game with the “computer”;
  • When you get recommendations from applications like Pandora or from a bot in a shopping application;
  • When you request that your weather bot inform you regarding the weather or use any sort of bot to search a cafe and book a table, or request your size of shoes on an online store.

Artificial intelligence can be very useful in online business, entertainment, and in any sort of industry. It’s not hurtful to the humankind, although it is still prone to error — AI technology learns over time, rectifying its own mistakes as it learns from various interactions from its creators.

Industries Where AI can Thrive

AI has a large impact on our daily lives. In the past years, the world has produced about of 90% of the information we have ever had earlier and AI innovations, like machine learning and acknowledgment, help us to deal with this information, automate and enhance heaps of procedures.

Task Scheduling

Here we talk about the tasks that we face in our regular day-to-day existence like requesting and delivering things, cleaning, and security and so on. There are independent vacuum cleaners already, however they can achieve only one task. Scientists are currently working on robot-assistants who can do numerous things about the house, even feed your pet. Home systems, which can control power, heating, and even security. AI in those technologies guarantee to be very smart and adjust to their habits.

Medical service

Gadgets and programming with AI components can contribute significantly to the healthcare industry. Among them are robots performing surgical operations, apps that can gauge an individual’s physical condition, assist doctors to diagnose a condition accurately and faster. Artificial intelligence in healthcare opens a door for sick and disabled individuals to track their condition and know if they require a quick help or if they need intervention and help from care providers.For the time being, these advancements are not extremely trusted, but things are showing signs of improvement as this enhances and turns out to be more common.


Education is accessible to individuals today as it was at no other time. Software which assists in studying is enormously in demand. Bots and AI in education make the procedure more interactive and accessible anytime and in any place.

Also with the influence on existing industries, the burst of AI will make new profession that is connected with AI software development, engineering and designing various types of robots and actualizing AI innovations into different enterprises.


Online shopping will experience revolution as AI develops and gets in its system. There are many surprising developments in the works for integrating AI, as most influencers in the industry see AI as a great addition to managing customer services, hyper-personalization, and automated buying experience, as seen in The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce by Red Stag Fulfillment.

It’s now difficult to envision that we can’t have the impact of artificial intelligence. We can’t stop its advancement, all we can do is handle its reins it and make it human.

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