How could AI help transform your business?

Artificial Intelligence is become increasingly a worldwide feature. Some people interact with AI every day without evening understanding that they’re doing so. When you speak to Siri, Cortana or Google now you are seeking help from a bot of artificial intelligence; crazy, right?

When AI was idealised and first discussed it was a terrifying thing. We dreamt of movies coming true and robots taking our jobs and our high-status’.

The reality isn’t really like that. Artificial Intelligence was built to make our lives easier by creating simple solutions to a range of problems and it has already had a significant impact.

What is available?

There are many companies that can offer advice to which technology would work best for you and your company but here are some of the options available.

WatchGuard (helps solve malware problems), BitDefender (for cyber security), VMWare (cloud infrastructure and digital workspace), Azure (deep learning, forecasting future behaviours, outcomes, and trends) are all examples of Artificial Intelligence you can use for your business.

Looking for an ‘off the shelf’ solution?

Integrations such as DigitalGenius use human and machine intelligence to answer repetitive questions from customers. You set the levels and requirements for questions and if they’re fitted it will automatically respond, new questions and answers can be taught as time goes on.

For leads, the program Conversica can automate the lead process by identifying which stage your leads are and let you know which ones are ready to buy now.

For more information on Artificial Intelligence, get in contact with a trusted tech company and see what they can help you with.

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