How Online Casinos Can Help You Understand Leverage

This is some information I actually came into on the back of a discussion with a full-stack developer who was part of a back-end focussed web development agency, which has rather impressively been in the business for all of twenty years now. Of course I’m talking about what is a very clear link (or not so clear) between the clients you tend to attract as a web development company.

You tend to attract the same type of clients in the nature of the online platforms they want developed for their respective operations and that’s largely based on what you show yourself to be excelling at as a team of web designers, developers, copywriters and any other role which makes up a web development agency.

For example, if in your portfolio you have a few sites that are for clients whose sites all have membership registration and log-in functionality, the momentum will likely keeping heading in that specific direction and you’re likely to get more clients who seek sites with similar functionality. The same goes for any other site – basic informational sites for businesses, personal blogs, etc.

The rather interesting link I touched on in the beginning however is that of two very specific industries as a result of the back-end engineering and development of platforms in each of these industries being built on pretty much the same principles. I’m talking about the online gambling industry (particularly online casinos with slots games and the likes) as well as the online trading industry.

Looking at the back-end stuff of commercially deployed examples of these two platforms will in actual fact have the critical thinker concluding that online gambling is not unlike online trading, particularly if you’d be trading CFDs or commodities as opposed to say investing in shares. That’s just how it is really…

Consequently, there are some comparisons one can draw between the two industries with the view of gaining some kind of advantage out of this endeavour. Today I’m going to pick out leverage as one of the elements which contribute to the operation of both industries as I believe using online casinos is a great way to help any budding online trader better understand what leverage is.

Fundamentally if you’re afforded some leverage on an online trading platform, what it means is that you’re given the privilege to take up trading positions with money that is not yours. Where does that money come from though and to whom does it belong?

Don’t be fooled – in the same way that an online casino might give you extra credit via something like a Ladbrokes casino promo code, online trading platforms also make so much of a net profit that they can allocate some of that back to traders. The only difference is that unlike with online casinos, you basically don’t get that money outright, but rather “borrow” it for a little while, just so that you can trade with it and help move the markets (contribute to the liquidity).

So I don’t think I have to say it, but if online trading is pretty much exactly the same in principle as online betting, why not go with online betting? You’ll have a lot more fun and the leverage you gain access to is yours to keep.

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