How to create super secure passwords

To keep you accounts protected it is recommended that you change your password once or twice a year and to have no two accounts with that same password. To some this can be tricky as most of us use the same password for everything, right?

Make Your Passwords Long

Longer passwords are harder to guess and be hacked by someone. Don’t go reciting a bunch of song lyrics or a famous line as this can easily be guessed. The best form of action for long password creation is to use a lot of random letters, words and symbols mixed with upper and lower cases.

Don’t make it too obvious

Don’t use anything obvious such as your pets name or family members birthday as these are always the first things people check when trying to guess your password – don’t make it easy for them.

Don’t reuse passwords

Create a separate password for each account you wish to access so that if one gets hacked your others are still secure. If some of your passwords are the same then the hacker will be able to retrieve information from a range of sources. This puts your safety at risk.

Use a password manager

If you struggle keeping up with lots of different passwords you may benefit from a password manager. These encrypt and store your passwords safely and enter them when you use a master password. This means you only have to remember one password but the other complex passwords are keeping your accounts safe.

For more information on how to keep your accounts safe and private talk to an IT professional such as Netitude today.

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