How to Kill Time When You Are Bored, and Sleep Is Not an Option

Whether you are sitting in an airport lounge or tired of the same old options available on TV, life will appear dull and foggy. We have all been through this phase where nothing seems exciting anymore, and you spend your time laying down or staring at the walls. Don’t worry. We have something exciting lined up for you. From VR casino to adult coloring books, here are some of the best ways to kill time.

Start journaling

It may seem confusing at first, especially because bored people aren’t likely to pick up a notebook and start scribbling. Moreover, it is difficult to find something to write about. Just pick up a notebook or open a note-taking app on your phone or computer and start writing. Write about things you feel, the most recent memory you have created or whatever happened to you today. Writing will help you vent, and surprisingly, it will even make you feel good.

Play something

When you are immersed in gameplay, it is difficult to look at the clock repeatedly and keep track of time. RPG games or other fantasy games could be excellent for killing time and staying entertained. If you don’t want something so grand, opt for casual card games, board games, sudoku or simply choose casino games like roulettes and slots. You will be actively engaged in an activity and feel much better. No matter how much you want to put your rain jacket on and play out in the rain, staying home and playing a indoor game could be equally rewarding.


Whenever you find yourself trapped inside your home, because of bad weather, workout at home. Do some simple home exercises, do bodyweight training or even try yoga. You will be glad you did. It will be helping in toning your body, defining muscles, losing fat and making your heart healthier too. Don’t opt for anything extreme, just do some light training and find yourself charged up within minutes. If you have a pet at home, then play with it. It will help in removing stress and build a stronger bond between you and your furry friend.

Coloring books

No, don’t opt for children’s coloring books. You will find yourself bored within seconds. Instead, opt for adult coloring books. They have several complicated patterns that will keep you engaged for hours. Put on some relaxing music, grab some colored pens and start drawing your imagination on a sheet of paper. You could easily grow addicted to the coloring books because they have great patterns. Also, you could show off your art to everyone. Frame it or flaunt on social media. The choice is yours.

Clean the house

Not the most fun activity to do but it helps. Cleaning the refrigerator, your furniture, your bedroom or your closet isn’t exciting, but it is necessary. Clearing a cluttered space helps in bringing positive energy to your house. This is not all, an organized house helps you in thinking clean. Nobody ever felt inspired in a home that has weeks’ old pizza boxes and solid socks lying on the floor. Buckle up and clean.

These activities will definitely make you kill time and get several productive benefits as well. So, if you are bored right now, take a pick and get started.

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