How to Make Technology Work for You: A Guide for Business Owners

If you are a young business owner looking to step-up in the industry, then you have arrived at the right place. In the competitive modern market, your business needs to be more than well run and instead, standing head and shoulders above the rest in efficiency and creativity in order to become a dominant player in the industry.

One way that an increasing number of companies are deciding to use to reach these ambitious targets is to use technology. This doesn’t simply mean having the office connected to the internet and company laptops for the staff, it means finding technological innovations that are going to radicalise the way you do business (and make a profit, more importantly).

To get you started this guide will take you through five brilliant ways technology can work for you:

  1. Automation scripts
  2. Productivity
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Communication technology
  5. Reaching Millennials

Automation is the future

If you’re running a business in 2018, then you will already have an online website for customers to find you on, make purchases and send messages. However, while you might have the best products and a wonderfully designed website, all of this is meaningless if you are not easily found. Using online advertising such as Google Ads in a sure-fire way of getting your target audience engaged with what you have to say and sell.

To help you get the most out of your adverts, using automation scripts at will help in making the process less time consuming through having automation technology work for you and get you the enhanced PPC (or Pay Per Click) results that you need to be a success.

Exceeding your targets

Productivity and efficiency are goals that every business every created has strived for, and now more than ever is easy to achieve. There are many ways technology improves work-place productivity, but the main way it positively will impact your workplace is reducing the stress of your staff. When employees are confronted with slow, out of date technology, they can easily become frustrated and stressed out because they are rendered unable to complete their work in the time frame or to the standard they know they can. Keeping office computers running fast with top of the range anti-viral software will mean that productivity is only increased as employees only have to worry about getting their tasks done each day, rather than having to battle with bad tech.

Head in the clouds

One technology that is rapidly changing the business industry is cloud computing, which offers businesses the chance to firmly place themselves in the twenty-first century and increase their efficiency ten-fold. If you are not an IT whizz, cloud computing might seem like a mysterious and complicated thing but when you take a look at the benefits of cloud computing, you will see that the learning curve is worth it for what your business gets in return.

  • Working remotely, constant communication: Cloud computing allows for businesses to let employees work from home meaning that when your staff are feeling under the weather, they have the option of continuing to get their tasks done remotely meaning that your business doesn’t miss out on their expertise and they don’t have to miss out on wages.
  • Backing up and recovering work: There is no worse feeling than losing an important document or project you have been working on due to a fault with your computer. With cloud computing, this risk is eliminated as documents can be automatically uploaded and backed up onto the cloud and accessed from anywhere.
  • Collaborative working environments, living documents: Cloud computing changes the way teams work together by letting them all simultaneously edit together from their own laptops or tablets, being able to clearly see who is doing what and when to increase the efficiency of group work.

Talk to me

The way in which technology has completely changed the way businesses communicate with their customers is something that you cannot afford to miss out on. There are a multiplicity of ways communication technologies can change your business that you should be taking advantage of right now:

Mobile technology, such as the development of apps, is a brilliant way to increase your dialogue with customers and give them another way to pay and view your products while on the go.

Another innovation that has led to many websites getting much better feedback is the inclusion of chatbots or live chats where customers can ask questions and get instant answers, helping to guide them towards spending their money with you.

There has also been a rise in the popularity of wearable devices that mean you can stay in communication with colleges and customers on the go while hands-free which means that you don’t have to waste one second of the day, no matter what you may have on.

The millennials are coming

Finally, the utilisation of technology is a non-negotiable necessity for the modern business if you want to have any kind of successful future. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple: Millennials.

Raised in the information age, this generation is the most of tech savvy in all of history and spend an increasing amount of time each day in front of either a computer or phone screen, and with the population of millennials being far bigger than that of baby boomers, reaching these people is the key to the longevity of your business. By using Google Ads and social media to promote your business’s products and website, you will be opening up your company for sky-high profits, which is why reaching millennials is so important.

As this guide has demonstrated, the right use of technology can make a business come together quickly and aid all its staff members in becoming more efficient and better able to work together on group presentations, projects, and pitches. By keeping up to date with the latest innovations, there is no way your business can fail.

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