How to Successfully Handle a Social Media Detox

Social media detoxes are very useful when you start to feel negatively impacted by the apps. If you feel like you are not in control, or otherwise want to spend time more productively than scrolling through your newsfeeds, a social media detox can be right for you. It is great even for content creators so that you can reassert your relationship with your accounts and use it productively.

How Can You Go on a Social Media Detox

To successfully go on a detox you will want to follow this guide:

Deactivate Your Accounts

Deactivating your accounts can be a powerful step if you are the one who is in control. The reason why you will always be in control if you are the one who deactivates your account is because getting it back up and online only requires you to log back in. If you have tried this but your app comes up with an error notification stating that your account is deactivated, then chances are it was Instagram’s decision. There is plenty of information on re-activating your account online if you have troubles logging back in after your detox, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting locked out for good.The only thing you do need to be careful of is not outright to delete your account. Social media will often need you to re-enter your password to complete this action, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting anything.

Delete the Apps Off of Your Phone

What you should delete however is the app itself off of your phone. If you find yourself consistently downloading your apps again and again have a friend change the passwords on your accounts. This way you cannot physically download the apps or even log back into your social media accounts. This isn’t permanent, but it is necessary to help you give yourself control over your social media use.

Take Some Time Off

Once you have effectively cut yourself off from social media, it is time to put your free time to good use. Use more productive apps to better your skills, or use the time to revaluate your digital marketing strategy.

If you are a content creator online, create blog posts, schedule content, and work on your social media strategy. This way when you return you can be more strategic with your goals and still have a healthier offline relationship. You don’t owe your followers everything, especially if it is causing stress or depression.

Getting Back onto Social Media

The point of a social media detox is not to quit social media, but to take a step back from it so that you can evaluate your relationship and go back in with a healthier mindset. Many people don’t have the luxury of being offline for good. If you work and manage a website or blog, for example, then you will need to get back online soon. With a detox, however, you can remember your priorities and keep social media as a tool, rather than a black hole of distractions.

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