How Wazdan’s New Technology Is Revolutionising Online Gaming

Wazdan is a company that develops and releases casino games. Since the firm was first founded around ten years ago, it has released a slew of popular casino games. However, it’s also been working on revolutionising the online gambling industry thanks to its unique gambling features found nowhere else. But what are these features and how do they work?

Wazdan’s Features

Game Customisation

Several of Wazdan’s game features allow you to customise your game. One of the features, known as Volatility Levels, allows you to change your win size and frequency whenever you want; high volatility equates to big but rare wins while a low volatility results in frequent but small wins.

There’s also the Ultra Fast Mode which boosts gameplay, forcing the reels in a slot to speed faster than normal. The option doesn’t affect gameplay in any way, other than making it faster. This is great for anyone who is in a rush to play or someone who has limited time. Most people just use it to speed up gameplay though to enjoy a fast and fun experience.

Improved Performance

Wazdan has also developed a series of features that improve a game’s performance. For example, the Ultra Lite Mode was developed specifically for people who suffer from slow internet connections. With this beautiful feature, players with lacklustre internet speeds can launch and play Wazdan games much faster! Unfortunately, this will cause the Wazdan games to remove some of their animations which can make the slot a little more boring, but at least you can play it, right?

The Energy Saving Mode, meanwhile, was designed for people playing on smartphones, laptops or tablets. Many casino games are resource-intensive and can drain your battery quickly. With this feature, however, Wazdan’s games will help extend your battery rather than drain it. This is specifically great for mobile users whose battery is dying and they want to play slots but aren’t close to a charger.

Exciting Gameplay

Playing casino games can be unpredictable and exciting, and to make things even more fun for you, Wazdan has launched its Big Screen Mode. This special feature allows you to zoom directly into the action onto the game’s reels so you can see exactly what’s happening. Big Screen Mode also allows you to change how the reel is displayed on their device, whether that’s a zoomed-in experience or you just want the reels to engulf your screen. When enabled, the game’s logo and side animations are cropped.

Wazdan has also launched its Unique Gamble Feature which gives you a chance to win more. This exciting feature can be activated after every win to trigger a second game where you have a 50% chance to double your original win. The gamble feature can be triggered up to seven times in each game and the extra game benefits from fun visuals and animations, just like Wazdan’s main games.

Lastly, Wazdan has its Double Screen Mode which allows you to view and access a game’s paytable while playing the slot at the same time. This means you can keep track of symbols and win values while playing.

Where To Find Wazdan’s Features?

The downside of this is that not all online casinos offer games by Wazdan and so don’t have the provider’s special features. However, some online casinos such as Energy Casino, Slots Million, Mr Green, and more all offer Wazdan content and the firm’s special features. If you’re looking for more online casinos and sister sites, there are several well-written guides available on the Internet.

How Have These Features Changed Gambling?

Wazdan’s features have been praised by gamblers for helping change how they play. In fact, due to their success, other providers and casino operators have worked to launch similar features. Videoslots and LeoVegas last year both announced their own Double Screen features, allowing registered customers to play two slots at the same time or play one slot while browsing the site’s game catalogue or making a deposit.

We’ve seen many other game providers incorporate a boost mode into their slots to make gameplay faster, and we believe it won’t be long before more providers and casino operators take inspiration from Wazdan to develop features for a better player experience.

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