Why Is It So Imperative for Businesses to Backup Their Data?

Businesses will have heard time and time again about how important it is to backup their data, but there are still plenty of organisations that don’t take the proper steps – this usually means not backing up frequently enough to ensure a proper recovery process. Here are just four reasons why it’s something that you need to keep on top of.


  1. Simplifies Recovery

People make mistakes. They open malicious emails or delete important files – it happens. When something does happen, it’s going to be far easier and faster to get everything back up and running if you took the proper steps. Think of a backup plan as like your business’ immune system; if yours isn’t healthy, it’s going to take much longer for it to be better again if something happens. That means more downtime and greater IT costs.

  1. Keeps Your Vital Data

There’s probably very little data that you could actually do without, but there are some pieces that could get you and your business in serious trouble if they do get lost for good. Tax records, invoices, and the like might need to be shown at some point, and you could be expected to produce documents going back years.

  1. Prevents a Loss of Business

One study showed that 43% of businesses that suffered major data loss never managed to reopen. The problem is that you might not even be able to do any work until the issues is rectified. You could easily miss deadlines and leave clients in the lurch. If you have to explain that this happened because of significant data loss, they might find themselves ready to take their business elsewhere.

  1. Lost Man Hours

Even if you don’t lose any business as the result of major data loss, you’ll certainly be losing some man hours until everything is fully recovered. This might not exactly be catastrophic for your business, but it will mean paying employees who can’t even work for you. Even after everything has been put right, you might have to set people on tasks such as recreating spreadsheets instead of letting them focus on what really matters.

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