Internet Fame Comes in Different Forms

On one of his many speaking gigs he does around the world, business coach JT Foxx loves to make reference to a picture of some seemingly random dude whom chances are you and everybody you know haven’t heard of or even have the faintest idea of who he might be. This fellow is very well-known in the internet world however, particularly amongst those who are into the Internet Marketing field.

That shines a light on one of the many different forms of internet fame in existence and in the instance of this mysterious gentleman it’s a case of being famous for silently going about his business but playing so far ahead of everyone else in the Internet Marketing world that he has no need to try and constantly be in the public eye. Instead of trying to make money by showing people how to make money online, as is the norm for pretty much every other Internet Marketer, this ghostlike figure of the game doesn’t want any attention beyond the somewhat exclusive fame he enjoys amongst fellow Internet Marketers.

Because of conduits of the World Wide Web such as YouTube videos, social networking platforms and others however, internet fame is often just one viral event away from anyone who truly desires to be an internet star. In many instances however it happens by pure chance or as an extension of the fame someone already possesses from their feature on traditional media. For example, there are some former reality television stars who don’t even feature on traditional TV anymore yet they’re social media stars of sorts, raking in just as much in the way of sponsorship money as they garner eager followers.

You also get very short-lived internet fame, such as the case of that Korean sensation who created a song and dance to go with it which just exploded worldwide. Chances are he’ll never be able to match that mega cameo with anything else he can produce and upload to YouTube and chances are you would walk right by him without even looking twice if you met him in a mall or somewhere else.

Perhaps what is the most interesting case of internet fame is that of live casino dealers. Being a live dealer at Codeta Casino in particular comes with somewhat of a celebrity status, as odd as that may be. It pretty much goes against everything documented and detailed in the typical PR and new age marketing manual, but there’s no getting away from it either way. It’s quite a curious case of how one comes into some online fame because really, if you think about it, these dealers are no different from casino dealers who work at regular, physical casino venues.

For some reason I suppose the fact that these live casino dealers effectively get to interact with so many different online gamers from all corners of the globe gives them a bit of familiarity which breeds the subsequent fame they gain. I’m not too sure they actually enjoy all that fame though, because at the end of the day they can’t really do anything with it. They’re just doing their job and are likely getting paid the standard salary a casino dealer gets – perhaps slightly more since the online casino world is a lot more lucrative than any casino venue confined to a physical location.

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