iPhone and Sync 3 Ford’s Best Combo Yet

I don’t know about you, but the connectivity of my car to my iPhone is becoming one of my key concerns in my search for a new car. My phone is an essential part of my life, and I use it in many ways as I travel. Maps, information about businesses, restaurants, phone, and music are all now focused entirely out of my device. Looking at the broad range of vehicles available, Ford has begun to stand out. Ford seems to have recovered from the underwhelming performance of its MyTouch system.


The Sync 3 System

Sync 3 is Ford’s new responsive and innovative phone integration system. Newly upgraded to support Apple CarPlay™ this system is outpacing the systems of most other carmakers in any class. Sync3 provides a voice activated, easy to use interactive interface for the operator of Ford’s 2017 vehicle line.


The Sync 3 system allows you to make a call just by pushing the phone button in your Ford vehicle. When you first pair your phone to the Sync 3 system, you can choose to download your complete contact list to the system. You can select who you want to call by voice and the push of a button, and then have your conversation over the car’s audio system. The voice recognition system allows you to use your real world voice to control your phone and is easy and direct to use. The Sync3 system also allows you to connect to 911assist™. In the case of an emergency where you are incapacitated, 911assist™ will connect your paired phone to emergency services.


Listening to music is easy to do with the Sync3 system. You can select standard radio, SiriusXM, or music from your device connected by USB. Using voice recognition you can choose your music by artist or song name. Just say “play Silversun Pickups” and you can instantly be enjoying my favorite band. You can also select your favorite SiriusXM stations and tune your radio by voice.

Apple specifics

The voice recognition allows you to interact with Siri as well. Apple’s voice-activated assistant can help you find music or directions. Using Siri, you can google search for information about hotels and restaurants as you near your destination. Access your apps, like YouTube, hands-free (when you’re not driving, of course). Having the power of Siri at your voice, hands-free, allows you to keep your eyes on the road and be attentive to your primary job, driving your car safely.

Apple’s CarPlay™ gives you seamless control of your iPhone while in your vehicle. Make or receive calls, check voicemail, send texts, and get audible detailed directions all by voice in your Ford.

Simplicity in the cabin

Sync 3 also lets you control the temperature setting in your Ford by voice or the user-friendly touchscreen controls. The input screen on the Sync3 system much improved and focused on simplicity over style. One other feature that adds to the simplicity of the Sync3 system is the ability to update the system over your home based wifi. Simply discover your wifi system and follow the steps for updating your system. That easy.

If you want to check out the Sync3 system yourself, find a Ford or Lincoln dealership near you, and arrange a test drive. Or if you’re like me, just sit in the parking lot and evaluate what is critical.

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