How to Keep Your Viewers Watching Your Video

Finding a niche in the ever-expanding world of the internet is the only way you can ever hope to make it. Filling a niche that either hasn’t been done before (unlikely) or has been done poorly (more likely) is the only chance of survival. Even once you’ve found your niche, your voice, and your stride, getting and maintaining viewers is incredibly difficult.

You have a very small window of time to convince your viewer to continue watching. This holds true for any media post, though pictures are the best off – you can view the picture entirely in less than a second. The average viewer gives any media they click a very short period of time before they either move on or commit. This period can be as short as 10 seconds.

An average of 19.4% of viewers will abandon a video after 10 seconds. A greater 44% will abandon a video after one minute. To keep your viewer from beginning to end, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with a Great Video Intro

Good first impressions go a long way, but here’s the catch: no one really wants to hear a long-winded introduction of who you are or what you do. They want that information to be implicit. A great way to introduce yourself, your brand, and your niche is through a quick video introduction. Use Adobe’s free intro maker to make a splash. Think of these as the cover art for a book. The better the art, the more likely someone is going to pick it up and read the description.

  1. Make Your Point First

Don’t dally. You have very few seconds left to convince your viewer to continue to watch your video. After the intro, the next step for any vlogger is to tell their audience what the point of their video is. Save the title for a headline, something that grabs the reader’s attention but also something that doesn’t reveal too much. You need to tell your viewer what the video is about, what they will learn, what will happen.

  1. Keep Your Voice Consistent

Don’t try to force yourself to be someone you’re not in your video if you can’t do it naturally. When people subscribe to your videos, they do so because they are subscribing to your voice. This voice can come from you, or your work, depending on what it is your channel does. Having a consistent and memorable presence is important to bring your viewers back for the next video.

  1. Don’t Forget the Outro

The outro is, in many ways, just as important as the intro. You don’t have to set aside or set up a specific video for your outro. Instead, tell your viewers what your next video will be. Tease it in an engaging manner that will convince them that they will want to see it once they come out. Outros can be great for bringing in those subscribers.

Making videos is a long, and difficult process. Don’t make all your hard work go to waste because you took too long to capture your viewer’s attention. Follow these simple steps to increase your audience from start to finish. 


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