How to make money from drones

People have been making money from using drones for some time, but now that drones are becoming more affordable, there is a good business opportunity to make money as a freelance drone pilot. Aerial video footage is in high demand across a wide range of business sectors, and freelance drone pilots can earn some serious money, either full-time or as additional income.

Here are some of the ways you can earn money creating drone videos: 

News coverage – When news channels are looking for footage, you can record aerial videos of events for them to purchase from you. This might mean that need to keep your ear to the ground regarding where the good news stories are happening, but for events that are occurring over a longer period, or are planned events like a Marathon, you can easily identify opportunities to record events. If you are lucky enough to create a viral drone video, news organizations will pay you for that footage.

Property – One of the most effective ways of canvassing a property is to use aerial views of the property to get a better understanding of the amount of land and the location etc. Many property companies are turning to video drone pilots to record videos for them to market the property online. Another popular marketing method that property companies are using is 360-degree videos, so if you are shooting drone footage, it might be worthwhile getting up to speed with 360 videos so that you can offer both types of video to the customer.

Hotels – Large hotels are also using drone video footage to market their facilities, with more and more hotels looking to advertise this way. It works particularly well for hotels with large outdoor areas or grounds that can be used to hire for a wedding as an example.

Sports coverage – Drones can capture footage of sports events that would be difficult to capture any other way. For example, sports involving ski slopes or fast speed sports that are spread out such as a Formula 1 track. A drone can take footage from angles that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Private Investigators – There has been an increase in PIs using drones for surveillance purposes to capture evidence on cases. This can vary from cheating partners to fake injury compensation claimants. If you always fancied going into secret agent business, this could be the closest way to realize your dream!

Golf – If you’ve watched a golf competition on TV recently, you will have noticed that it is a lot easier to follow the ball these days! Drones have enabled aerial views that help to keep your eye on the ball. Golf course owners also use drone videos to show golfers around the course, providing details around hazards and other key features of the course.

If you’re a tech enthusiast that is looking to earn some extra money then making drone videos could be a great opportunity. As a drone freelancer, you can earn a good salary, or if you wish to do bits on the side, it’s perfect for saving for holidays!

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