Making Money At Home: How Technology Has Empowered an Entire Generation of Traders

It is said that the great recession inspired an entire generation of so-called ‘accidental entrepreneurs’, who responded to adversity by bringing new products and services to the market. Similarly, it also encouraged a large group of citizens to take up financial market trading as a part-time endeavour, as they looked to supplement and boost their earning potential as a way of coping with austerity.

Technology played a huge role in this, but how exactly did advancement and innovation help aspiring traders to tackle challenging markets such as forex? Consider the following: 

  1. It Has Eradicated Numerous Barriers to Market 

If you look at the corporeal trading floors of the 1980s, you saw exclusive and restricted locations that were the preserve of professional investors and the representatives of large corporations. Even with access to a traditional broker, it was almost impossible for casual traders to access the forex market let alone execute successful order.

Technology has changed this and eradicated many of the traditional barriers to entry, however, primarily through the emergence of online trading platforms. These entities, like FX Pro, have helped to lower the fees associated with trading while providing real-time access to aspirational individuals from across the globe.

  1. It Has Enabled Novices to Minimise Risk 

On a similar note, the online trading platforms of today are renowned for the depth and diversity of the features that they offer. While not all of these will be relevant (depending on your precise trading strategy, of course), some will enable you to optimise your decision making and increase the profitability of each individual trade.

This is particularly true in the case of risk-management, as trading platforms often come with in-built features that can be applied to your account. Take the so-called stop loss, for example, which sets a maximum amount that you are prepared to lose for each trade and automatically closes positions when this threshold is reached.

  1. It Allows Traders to Grow and Diversify Their Portfolio 

On a final note, online trading platforms and the technology behind them has evolved considerably over time. So while many enable aspiring traders straight into plunge into the depths of the forex market, they also provide an opportunity for individuals to grow and diversify their interests over time.

In fact, most platforms offer simultaneous access to multiple markets and asset classes from a single interface, without any additional charge or fee. So as you knowledge grows, you can diversify your interests in a way that minimises risk, optimises reward and drives a superior ROI over time.

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