Maximizing Productivity with Power BI Training

Collating large-scale data can be a challenging feat for any organization. Presenting it in a manner that is understandable to regular individuals is even more difficult. In this golden age of business intelligence, the need to provide comprehensible and visually-appealing data reports have never been more crucial than ever.

Recognizing this, Microsoft developed the Power BI system to provide consumers with ease in analyzing and reporting data in a visually stimulating manner. To maximize its usage, Microsoft has curated Power BI training sessions for its clients.

Starting your Power BI journey online

Power BI is a step up to the frequently used MS Excel when it comes to data analysis and management. For those who want a snapshot of how to run Power BI, Microsoft offers a free guided learning module on its website. This customized training is provided with short videos focused on helping clients explore how to analyze data, familiarize themselves with its building blocks, combine acquired information from many forces, and manage data relationships.

It teaches users to create workspaces, make simple visualization, layout pages, and publish reports in various applications. It gives an introduction to DAX functions, calculation types, expressions, table relationships, and filters. Each video ranges from 3 to 30 minutes of explanation. Since they are posted online, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere free of charge.

Understanding Power BI In-Depth

For those who want a more custom approach when it comes to learning, Microsoft offers an official Power BI training session that will help users unpack this self-service business intelligence program in just within two days. Unlike online studies, taking this class will allow consumers to have an in-depth understanding of how Power BI works.

Also, they will be given opportunities to ask questions and clarify concerns with the program. Furthermore, they will be tasked with hands-on activities to test their learning.

What’s in Power BI Training?

In terms of content, users will be introduced to the features that make Power BI more advanced than the limited MS Excel application. Some of its core modules include navigating the core elements of this software such as Data Modelling, Data Analysis Expression, Advanced-Data Transformation, Custom Visualization, Power BI Q&A.

Participants will also familiarize themselves with how to customize dashboards and create interactive reports. Additionally, they will also learn how to integrate third-party software like Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Will I Be Given Certification?

A certification will be provided to everyone who has completed the course. This course is offered seasonally, but groups can ask for a particular class provided that they meet the minimum number of participants required for each run.

During the course, all individuals are required to have a corporate email address required for account creation, MS Excel 2010 or higher, and a subscription to the Power BI Suite. There is no software knowledge prerequisite to this course. However, familiarization with MS Excel applications is a plus. Participants will also be asked to download the Power BI Desktop and the Power BI iOS/Android App. Educating yourself with Power BI through online and classroom training will definitely boost your productivity level. With practice and patience, you will eventually master this program and become a much-coveted expert in data management.

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