Missteps In Geek and Gaming Culture

For as much fun as game culture can be, there are some steps or bad habits that people can fall into if they aren’t at least tangentially aware of some of their behaviors. Out of all of the different groups of people, geeks and gamers tend to be some of the more focused and tribal, so if you see any of these indicators of troubled attitudes, it’s important to know what to do about them.

Geeks and gamers can become addicted to screen time to the point where it’s unhealthy. Sometimes addiction to various substances can enter into a gamer’s life. If you see any tendencies toward obsessive or antisocial behavior in yourself or others, it may need to be addressed. And some players become extremely isolated because they only interact through the computers or game systems.

Addiction To Screen Time

Addiction comes in many forms, and one of the latest ones to create ripples in the world community, especially when it comes to gamers, is when people become addicted to technology. There are lots of psychological and biochemical theories about why this is becoming so problematic these days, but what’s important to note is that if you can’t put down your technology without feeling like something’s missing, you may have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Addiction To Substances

Sometimes the gaming culture glorifies staying awake a lot or being super alert for long periods of time. Sometimes players find that doing drugs or using various substances will help them do this. And then they end up having to go through a detox program because it becomes unhealthy to the point where they can’t function normally anymore. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs for any reason, you should find help, but it may be particularly prevalent in the gamer community that indications and symptoms should be noted.

Obsessive or Antisocial Behavior

Because a lot of the gaming culture exists while people are on their computers, it is possible that a gamer can become obsessive about his entertainment or become antisocial with her behavior. If you find that you notice antisocial behavior in someone in your community, you should give them a pathway or knowledge, so they recognize what’s going on with themselves.


Some kinds of games don’t even need other people at all. They are solo journeys where it is you against the world and the game that you’re playing. Some personality types gravitate toward this kind of play, and in the worst instances, people can become so isolated that they lose track of what comes from actually sensing the real world around them. Again, there are specific behaviors associated with this kind of mindset, so the more the gaming community takes care of itself, the better.

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