Movavi Screen Capture Review

If you were able to record video footage directly from your screen in high quality video – what would you record? Most people who use screen capture software tend to focus on creating video guides and tutorials – but nowadays many have started to find other useful applications for the software, such as recording online video streams, Skype calls, or even webinars and other events.

Assuming any of that appeals to you then you should definitely check out the Movavi Screen Capture. It is a popular, lightweight and easy-to-use screen capture software for Windows that will allow you to record the video footage you need without forcing you to spend ages learning how to use it.

The reason why it is so popular is because it is able to provide an extremely user-friendly approach while not sacrificing anything in terms of features. In other words, you will be able to quickly and effectively record the videos you need with a few simple clicks – or you could choose to fiddle with the settings so that you can control every aspect of the recording.

Make no mistake, even when it comes to controlling the capture settings, the Movavi Screen Capture makes it a lot easier than any other software. For beginners with little or no prior experience dealing with some of the technical settings involved with screen capture, it still shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to figure them out.

Some of the areas that you can control with the Movavi Screen Capture include:

  • Customizing the capture area by resizing the capture window and positioning it – the same way you would do with any other window.
  • Setting the frame rate to improve the quality of the recording, or reduce its file size.
  • Choosing the audio source by selecting to record the audio from speakers, system audio, microphones, headsets or even MIDI devices.
  • Deciding whether or not to capture keyboard actions by displaying them on screen during the recording.
  • Highlighting the mouse cursor and customizing the ‘click’ sound to make it more obvious.

All these features will give you the control you need to really ensure that the video you capture turns out exactly the way that you want it to. While you’re actually in the process of recording you can even manage it using the hotkeys that are provided, or with a timer that will automatically stop the recording after a certain duration.

As you can see, learning how to record your screen with the Movavi Screen Capture won’t take very long. In fact seeing as the software has barely any learning curve to speak of, you should be able to install it and get started recording videos almost right off the bat.

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