When You Need Better Leads: What Guest Blogging Can Do For You

When it comes to lead generation, the biggest challenge you’ll ever face is quality. Quite often, you end up generating plenty of leads, most of which never convert. Some marketers hardly convert 1% of their leads! It can be really frustrating considering that you probably spend a lot of time and money generating those leads.

So, how about you start generating leads that are more likely to convert; leads that promise much better conversion rates without necessarily costing more?

A guest posting service delivers exactly this. Without spending over the odds, you get to put your brand name in front of the right audience, ensuring that the traffic coming to your site is actually interested in your offerings. But, how does guest posting achieve this;

  • Guest posting lends credibility

The web is awash with businesses claiming to offer the best products and services. Whether it’s plumbers trying to win the hearts of homeowners or carwash companies posturing for car owners, every business wants to be seen as the best available. Ultimately, though, consumers have to choose. Professional guest posts can be the tie breaker. When your Brand name is consistently mentioned in authoritative websites, people will get the impression that you’re really good at what you do.

  • Build domain and search authority

Did you know what highly ranked websites not only get more traffic, but also convert at a higher rate? The reason higher ranked sites convert better is authority. Consumers already feel that these brands are the best in their industries and in general don’t question their offers. It’s partly why sites like Amazon which appear at the top of search engine results for most product searches convert at very high rates. Guest posting can help you climb up the search results ladder and establish an authority in your industry, leading to higher conversions.

  • Strengthens your business relationships

Guest posting also helps to strengthen business relationships, leading to more qualified leads. One way to think of this is to picture a home remodel company and real estate company trading guest posts. The home remodel company allows the real estate company to post guest blogs on their site and vice versa. As the relationship between these two companies grows, thanks to the guest blogging efforts, they will also begin to trade/share leads. People who come looking for a real estate agent may choose to talk to the home remodel company regarding improvements, and vice versa.

  • Guest blogging can also boost your portfolio on social media platforms

Most companies are now posting their blogs on social media networks such as Slideshare and Google+. If your brand is mentioned in these blogs, the result would be that readers would instantly learn about you, and potentially add you to their social circles. Such connections are known to generate higher quality leads.

If you’re still in doubt about the benefits of guest posting, enlist a guest posting company today and watch as they help you improve the quality of your leads.

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