Novice Website Designers Discover Foundational Components

If you’re just now getting into the realm of website design, there is good news.  The internet is a wealth of information regarding design coding and what really works when building a new website.  With enough research, you’re sure to become a seasoned designer in no time.

Start today, and check out a few of the more important, foundational aspects of website design.  Here is a brief overview of five specific design components you’ll need to include in your website’s floor plan.  

Navigation is a necessity

If you’re building a website, then viewers need a way to move around the content you create.  Otherwise, all you have are a bunch of individual pages with no linking feature.

The most traditional way to add navigation to your website’s design is to include a stationary navigation bar along the top or side of your layout.  Check out how this example website used the function.  You don’t have to stick strictly to this formula, but it’s a good starting place.  

Communication should shine in your design

Communication should be one of the main functions of your website’s design.  You want to hear from people, and learn more about how to better your site or product.  On the flipside, people enjoy feeling heard.

Make sure your design includes the standard “Contact Us” page (like this excellent example), but add more than just one big push for communication.  Drop a comment box and/or phone number on the homepage and the blog page for added opportunities.  

Add social media links for visibility

Linking your website to social media will be great for visibility in the long run.  The ability to “share” is something social media created, and it is now a staple in our digital culture.  

Add social media sharing buttons to your website’s design, and place them strategically for the best results.  Blog posts, contact information, and the homepage are all great places to add share buttons.

Design for the mobile web user

Mobile web access has exceeded that of the PC or laptop.  People use their smartphones and iPads to access the internet more than anything in today’s society, and your website should be designed to account for this trend.  

The simplest way to equip your site’s design with mobile accessing capabilities is to add media queries to your coding.  Research the proper way to integrate media queries, and you’ll be set up in no time.  

Research the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization will help you get your website on the digital map.  Search engines run the internet and are the starting point for just about every web user.  SEO will teach you how to champion the search engines of the internet and rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  

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