Online Casinos on Which You’re Likely to Win BIG

Online betting platforms continue to come online by the thousands, with even some small operators joining the online gambling scene following Google’s more open policy towards online gambling content and platforms. The many options available can only be a good thing because competition breeds self-regulation, which in turn ensures consumers are protected and that they can benefit from the various online casino operators effectively competing against each other.

With all these options however, how does one know which platform they’re most likely to win big on? There are four main pointers to consider, largely coming down to common sense, but they may not be as obvious as one might initially think.

A Well-Established Brand Running the Casino Platform

Longevity is ordinarily a sign that a particular brand operating an online betting platform has proved its mettle since it has managed to stand the test of time, so that’s one way of taking into account the implications of an online casino that’s been around for a long time. However, a well-established brand as a means through which to gauge one’s chances of winning big isn’t only limited to those casino brand names which are specific to the betting industry.

Big brands which are well-known in other spheres will want to make a good impression in their foray into the online gambling industry for example, so you might have something like a platform bearing a name like Virgin competing in a manner which seeks to win the patronage of gamers by offering bigger jackpots and more regular payouts.

Popularly Patronised by Many Players

This is perhaps a no-brainer. “Bigger” platforms with more players equate to bigger progressive jackpots, so you enjoy more opportunities to win at more frequent intervals.

The bottom line is you’re more likely to win playing on an online betting platform that services players from all over the world, because that way it means there are always players online and there aren’t any distinctive peak gaming hours where the jackpots are disproportionately bigger than at other times.

Regulated and Compliant

Casinos are required by law as part of the terms and conditions which go into the granting of their licenses to give back a certain portion of the money they make so easily from all the bettors, to the players as winnings. If a casino is regulated and is compliant with these regulations, something which is often just indicated on the site itself officially, you’ll know for sure that you at the very least have a fair chance of winning.

Special Promos beyond the Regular Winning Channels Available

There’s a lot more to using something like the Virgin Games promo code you can claim on referral and review sites than enjoying some extra spins or extra credits. Online casino platforms which offer these kinds of special promotions and bonuses beyond the regular winnings offered are successful casinos, which means that they give back more money by way of the requisite give-back winnings. So you’d definitely be more likely to win big on a casino platform such as Virgin Games, based on the size of the credit forming part of their promotional offers.

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