Party Ideas For The Geek In Your Life

Throwing a party for a geek is much like throwing a party for anyone else, but if you want to make it special then you need to go all out – the geekier, the better. Geeks know their stuff, so if you’re throwing the party, then you have got to know it too. If geeky things don’t come naturally to you, or you just don’t follow the topics the geek in your life does, then it’s time to conduct some research and find out as much as you possibly can. Firstly, turn to the internet and read up on the subjects your geek loves, and the secondly ask some prying questions to try and figure out exactly what your geeky friend enjoys. If this fails, or you want to make sure the party is secret, then ask their friends for ideas. On failing that, visit a comic store and quiz the individuals working there.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms provide endless fun until, well, until it’s ended and you’ve worked your way out of the room. They demand the use of strategic thinking and using puzzles and codes to escape, and the geek in your life should love it. Escape rooms are good fun, and encourage that the team work together in order to get free. This activity requires a small crew of people, so the geek in your life can invite their friends to enjoy it with them. Escape Room VA Beach provides the backdrop for this adrenaline rush, so consider booking an adventure for the geek in your life and get them locked inside a room for fun.

A Treasure Hunt

Devise a treasure hunt with a novelty gift as the prize at the end, for example. This takes time and effort to plan, and your geeky friend will appreciate the effort you went to in order to create the treasure hunt. If you’re thinking of doing this for a birthday, then why not fuel the beginning of the search with a themed birthday cake in the style of their favourite comic or film franchise? Themed cakes are a personal touch that help communicate how special the recipient is to you, so get baking. If you’re searching for novelty gifts, then the best place to be is online. You won’t be short for sites that offer geeky and novelty gifts.

Museum Visits

Museum days get the mind thinking, and they get your out of the house and exploring. Museums and geeks are a match made in harmony, as they’re hubs of knowledge and information, and the geek in your life can get stuck into reading about the subjects they love and geeking out over artefacts. A day visiting museums is a full day out, so don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks and before you go, look to see what places there are around to grab a bite to eat and recharge in-between places. If you’re headed into the city for museum visits, then you could even book tickets to watch a film or a show at a theatre.

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