Picking the Right SEO Agency

With SEO strategies becoming more popular to increase traffic and sales with business. It becomes an issue at who to pick when the time comes. A strongly qualified SEO agency that stands out among the multiple options presented to you is InboundCPH. With some of its specialist Operating since 1998, they hold a long and prosperous operation taking care of the need of many different standpoints of a verity of organizations. Based in Copenhagen, InboundCPH is experienced with European business and what their individual needs are. Below is a more detailed guide on how they operate to ensure a boost in your sites traffic.


What to Expect

The overarching goal is to achieve an increase of sales, leads, and to strengthen brand recognition. They pride themselves on being completely transparent when working with clients, leading them in the correct direction for success.

The first step in this process is gathering all relevant information on your site, in order to develop a customized plan that fits your needs personally. Establishing reachable goals to be achieved in a timely manner. Within this game plan, they will assess whether or not your site may be indexed with googles search engine. Not being indexed will prevent you from you site from showing up on google results.

Narrowing down the right keyword.

The most common tactic on boosting site traffic is find key words that can be somewhat exclusive to your brand. Because, the shorter and the more general a keyword, will increase the difficulty of ranking high with it. Choosing a few words that work together can help new customers to find your site. InboundCPh will also cross reference the words with what users commonly search for to avoid word not commonly used together. This will also be compared with competitor’s efforts, to find growth solutions when it comes to the SEO effort.

Building a reputation

Another large step is building outside sources that lead back to the main site. Here are a few outlets that can help.

  • Social media, such as Twitter and Face book is an easy and effective exposer.
  • Having Blog writers research and talking about your site, with links directing you is a common choice in building a reputation. Finding relevant websites to post articles can help connect you to clients.
  • Cross promoting between other sites you may own or even business partners, can expand your recognition.

Training your staff

Even after working with a SEO company, the work isn’t done there. Your business will need to continue to grow and with that a constant focus on SEO will be need. InboundCPh, offers courses and seminars to help teach you and your employees how to reinforce everything implemented into your site.

Making your choice

Now InboundCPH may not be the only SEO company out there. But, by far they are highly experienced and transparent company that you could hire. Helping you every step of the way, showing you detail progress and helping train you to continue the work they have started for you.

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