Privacy a big issue for Brits

As I have previously mentioned the average cost of cybercrime attacks in the UK is £6.32 million with the UK National Security Council stating that cyber-attacks are a “tier one” risk to national security. So it’s no surprise that a recent study found that 64% of people in the UK are concerned about the intrusion in  their lives from using the internet and third parties gaining information about them and spying on them.


The research which was conducted by online voucher code website My Voucher Codes shows us, how much is still needed to be done, to tackle cybercrime and offset the worries of people. More worryingly the research found that 12% of those surveyed don’t care about the intrusion into their lives and the threat of other companies spying on them and cybercrime, whilst 24% were sometimes concerned.

The report which can be read here also showed that women are more likely to be concerned about their personal data being shared compared to men and that women were also unlikely to know what to do, to keep safe online. Age also came into play, with the majority of those aged over 45 we concerned about the intrusion into their lives compared to those of younger generations who have grown up with this kind of technology and danger.

In addition to asking about security concerns, My Voucher Codes also asked whether people would like to go back to a time where we did not have this kind of technology or if they could live without it. They found 54% of Brits would not be without it, whilst only 6% would go back to a simpler time. Interestingly though 40% said they would feel lost without the technology, but also wished they could go back to a simpler time.

It is easy to see how we could find ourselves over relying on technology, I’ve seen people nearly driven mad when they can’t get online to check their social media, but it’s also worth remembering that we need to be careful what we share online. Without realising we can easily share a lot of our personal data, to people who want to use it for cyber-crime. However sometimes as much as I love technology and what it brings us, even I wish we could go back to a simpler time before we all had our neck cranked looking at our mobile phones.

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