Promoting Your Brand Presence in Trade Shows and Online

Trade shows and online are two avenues that small businesses should use to promote businesses. How to do it right? This will guide you right.


Marketing in Trade Shows

Although there can be no detracting from the tremendous influence that the Internet has had on marketing over the last couple of decades, when it comes to the crunch, many companies, both large and small, can have their destinies shaped by how they perform at a commercial event or tradeshow.

When company buyers arrive at a tradeshow they will have their regular suppliers on the list of places to visit. However, for those trading companies who are looking to increase their market coverage and capture the attention of visitors then every effort has been made, sometimes involving considerable investment.

There is a logic that says if a company is already investing money to appear at a tradeshow or event, if they don’t put in enough effort and invest what it takes to put on the maximum professional impression then every penny that they have invested in appearing at the event is actually a waste. In other words- if you’re going to do it- do it right.

Promote the Event and your Company With It

Doing it right means creating as much attention about your company, even before the event begins. That will mean mounting a short-term public relations campaign pushing your company’s name in front of every potential stand visitor, telling them about the event or tradeshow, that you will be displaying their and any new exciting products that you will be launching specifically for the show.

This can be done through mail shots, local or even national advertising or in specific trade publications and by instilling in any sales representatives a very strong need to tell potential customers, as well as the active ones, to make sure that they visit your exhibition stand.

Get Your Staff Ready to Impress

Preparation is all and when the day of the tradeshow gets underway, then you and your staff should be ready. That will mean having ”greeters” waiting at the entrance with some mildly unobtrusive but still eye-catching reminder for visitors why it is so important to come to see what you have to offer.

Brand your stand

When it comes to designing the actual exhibition stand then once again, depending on the nature of the product or service you market, then a theme should be established which will be eye-catching and attractive. If you investment budget can cover it some kind of seating arrangement where visitors can drink coffee or a cold drink and chat with your sales staff is a great way to make people want to stay and do business.

Uniformity is a great idea and should run through the colours of the stand, the uniforms that sales staff will be wearing and the literature you will be handing out. Once a passing potential client from the first impression that they will be dealing with a serious company then the battle will be half won thanks to the connections that will be made.

Putting a package like this together will involve considerable expense, vision and effort. However, the results that a successful tradeshow can bring to a company can be tremendously long reaching.

So if you see a marketing tradeshow in the offing, then don’t delay in making a decision. If you feel are setting up such an operation may be too large a task for you, taking the trouble to find a professional company who can handle this for you, will go a long way in making sure that your investment will pay off.

Promoting Your Brand Online at Low Cost

The use of virtual media is truly the best way to gain leverage and access to possible target markets. A brand that is virtually unknown is simply useless. But how can you really build that necessary online presence? Much more, how will you promote your brand at a low cost?

Make use of online advertising

In the past, companies and businesses used websites as resource information tools to promote their brand via the inflow of product information and details. But now, the game has definitely changed. Consumers are more technology savvy, well-read and inquisitive that a mere tagline won’t simply seal the deal.

Consumers are more results-oriented and if your website failed to meet their expectations, then you better bid goodbye and seek for the next customer. Online advertising is about the use of internet media like a global online business magazine as part of your marketing strategy.

Using this strategy will not only help you spread word about your brand, it will help you relate your existing product information to possible readers, thus, sustaining their interest. Plus, subscriptions are generally affordable as well.

Try social media marketing

Generally, you can still consider social media marketing as part of online advertising. However, its impact can be powerful if used the right way. To create a buzz-this is the mindset of any business, which opts to promote a brand, and since budget often presents an eventual problem, the use of social media is a likely alternative that could support your marketing and promotion concepts.

The use of social media like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular ways that can serve brands and businesses well. For one thing, setting up an account is very easy. Second, you can reach a much wider target market, given that your marketing idea is supported by relative market research.

Aim for market leadership via content

Consumers aim for effectiveness and product reliability. And if you desire to build your brand, trust must be gained through reliable and worthy content. A website is practically created for promotions and marketing and if you want your consumers to sustain their interest, it is a wise move that you show them how well-equipped you are in terms of giving them the right information and details. Good product information is a key element and there is no better way to present this information via good and reliable website content.

Do not underestimate the use of local searches

Many of the famous brands today make use of local search listings as part of their brand promotion online. With the help of mediums like Google and Yelp, you can easily spread word about your brand. These listings provide a direct link to your website. Thus, allowing you to reach your market easily.

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