Do I Really Have to Use an App for That?

I often cringe at the sight of some featured “tech experts” or ordinary people who are roped in to give their opinion on a tech subject, motioning as if they’re using their Smartphones when they refer to someone doing something on Facebook or anything of the sort. In addition to that, you get some fun timewaster memes which encourage you to “flip your phone upside down” to experience whatever the intended fun effect is.

All of this implies that we all use our Smartphones to log into our social networking platforms via some app, or in fact that we all exclusively use our mobile devices for these things. You go to a store to buy some mobile data and the shop attendant cannot help but ask if your excessive use of Facebook could possibly require that much data.

The truth remains that a full-sized computer still delivers the best experience of anything you could possibly do which requires some computing power. It’s just a pity that some platforms are only available as apps, like the popular dating app Tinder.

I won’t go into too much detail about exactly what a full-sized computer offers over your Smartphone or even your tablet PC, but all of this leads me to the question of whether or not one really needs an app for everything. One of my buddies and I are working on a web based solution which is so far behind the scenes that it wouldn’t be all too constructive getting into it here, but all I can say is that it’s web application solution which services businesses and companies which in-turn service their various end-users.

We’re at odds with my buddy because he’s convinced we should create an app for the platform as well while I strongly disagree. I really don’t see a need for an app and whenever we get to arguing about it again, I always ask him just exactly what the app does besides making for an extra piece of software which needs to be downloaded so that the users can access the exact same platform which essentially “lives” and operates off of a web server.

“People just prefer to use apps” is always his go-to answer, but I beg to differ. Unless of course the application is indeed only existent as an app, people would still much rather prefer to make full use of the full web browser screen real estate offered by using something like their laptop or desktop PC.

You take a look at some tips for Cheltenham 2018 made available by the event organisers – imagine first having to download an app for your Smartphone in order to eventually access some specific, useful information you can otherwise access through your regular web browser.

Additionally, apps are fraught with compatibility issues and there’s a constant need to update the app itself, which takes precious time away from the core objective of delivering certain information which people require. Apps also notoriously want a bit too much information about the user on whose device they’re being installed, so I stand firmly behind my stance that one doesn’t really need an app for absolutely everything.

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