How to Record and Edit HD Videos From Your Screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

It is almost compulsory to record videos in High Definition (HD) nowadays as most people have embraced it as the de facto standard for videos. Even if you intend to reduce the resolution of your videos later to compress their file size, having the raw footage in HD is still preferable.


To record videos from your screen in HD you should use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It can act as a 1080p screen recorder, and will also let you edit your HD videos to improve them further after they’ve been recorded and turn them into impressive video content.

Set the Parameters to Record HD Videos

Starting to record a HD video using Movavi Screen Capture is very straightforward. In fact all you need to do is set the parameters accordingly by following these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Select Capture Area’ list and select your HD monitor’s name under the ‘Full Screen’ section.
  2. Select the audio source that you intend to record.
  3. Open up the ‘Capture’ menu and select ‘Preferences’ then go to the ‘Video’ tab and adjust the ‘Maximum frame capture rate’ setting to ‘60’ to allow for smooth playback.
  4. Click ‘REC’ to begin recording once the parameters are all set up.
  5. Click ‘Stop’ when the recording is done.
  6. Click ‘Save’ to save the video.

The main parameter that you should be interested in when recording H D video in Movavi Screen Capture is the capture area. If you’re using a monitor that has a resolution higher than 1080p full HD you can select a resolution of 1920×1080 (i.e. full HD) instead of capturing the entire screen.

Edit the HD Video

After you’ve recorded the HD video, you can then use the other features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio to edit it. In particular you may want to process the video to improve its quality, trim out any unwanted segments that were inadvertently recorded, and merge clips together in a particular sequence.

Additionally you will also find that Movavi Screen Capture Studio includes several features that will let you jazz up your videos and give them some flair. With these features you could apply special effects and filters, add customizable text, and include background music or voiceovers.

When you save your video you can select a HD-compatible format, or use one of the presets to automatically optimize it for a particular device or platform. That is really all that it takes to record and edit HD videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and considering it is so straightforward there should be nothing that stands between you and giving it a try for yourself.


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