Salesforce nonprofit and its advantages

In the modern market, there are many technologies and infrastructures that non-profit organizations can use. Private, community and public clouds can be noted here separately.

Community cloud is an infrastructure that is shared between organizations with similar concepts, security policies, and other settings. Moreover, the number of consumers in such a cloud is greater than in a private one, but less than in the public cloud. The Salesforce ecommerce technology is very popular and has several advantages:

  • reduction of operating and development costs;
  • increasing of work speed in the cloud, reducing of work load due to thorough planning and ability to independently perform many functions;
  • customization of parameters as you wish;
  • increase of productivity by assigning priorities to tasks;
  • Improving of productivity and high work efficiency.

Most non-profit organizations use the ecommerce platform Salesforce created to promote their own interests.

Salesforce for non profits: organization types

Salesforce ecommerce integration is useful for nonprofits. Thanks to cloud computing and the chosen CRM technology, companies’ representatives will be able to easily interact with their partners and customers. At the same time, the number of employees does not really matter. From several dozens to several thousand people can use the services of a non-profit organization offered on the website https://advancedcommunities.com/non-profits/.

Services of the Salesforce community cloud ecommerce are available for the following types of companies:

  • foundations;
  • private charities;
  • state corporations;
  • public associations.

The main focus of charitable organizations is to raise funds. Using the selected technology of the Salesforce nonprofit donation, you will be able to optimize this feature at any stage of cooperation.

In addition to the basic functionality, you can conduct operational analytics to find out how interesting and useful your activities are for users and partners. Performance of each employee will be displayed in a convenient format.

How to choose products and payment methods in Salesforce ecommerce

With this product, it has become much easier to make payments and view additional information. Sales will be conducted without the need to activate additional options. Salesforce charity users will be able to transfer funds or make purchases easily thanks to improved usability. More information about it is available at https://advancedcommunities.com/components/ac-ecommerce/.

All products and services are divided into convenient categories, which minimizes the time spent searching for the right product. Each potential customer will be able to select the product of interest and add it to the basket, and then configure the management of their own order and its shipping.

To pay for products, it is allowed to use:

  • credit card;
  • debit card;
  • offline payment.

Choosing the convenient payment technology in Salesforce for charities expands the online service capabilities. This allows you to pay for products in a few minutes and not worry about the security of payments. If users prefer to pay for the goods when they are delivered, you can also choose the “upon receipt” payment method.

Online stores owners, who uses the selected technology of the non profit success pack Salesforce offers, notice that the process of managing goods and their sales has been greatly simplified. You can offer a specific sorting features or filters, after which each client will select the necessary product in a few minutes.

Salesforce b2b ecommerce basic principles

Business technologies are able to simplify the sale of goods and provision of services to other businesses. Any non-profit or charitable organization can take advantage of the offered package from Advanced Communities. Salesforce free for charities technology is especially popular, since it is intended for the convenience of making payments and using of the functions by consumers.

Before getting a licensed version of the product, it is enough to register on the portal. After that, for each direction in which the organization is developing a package of services will be offered. Thanks to a carefully developed installation and operating manual, it will be possible to quickly adapt the functionality of the product for your business. If you fail to complete the installation yourself, the company’s specialists will be able to do this for a fee.

After your online store or other type of enterprise received our product, you can engage in customer acquisition. For this, you should carefully study the categories of products and select their potential audience. A large number of sections will allow users to choose exactly the product they need without wasting time studying unnecessary items.

An important step is to configure:

  • sorting options;
  • information about each item;
  • personal account and its functionality;
  • payment methods.

Each client will be able to view which items have already been ordered, as well as monitor the stage of shipment or delivery of the items purchased.

This technology is perfectly suitable not only for online stores but also for Salesforce fundraising nonprofits. When a user wants to make a donation, he will be able to easily transfer the required amount in a convenient way. Availability of a personal account and ability to monitor each operation is an indisputable advantage for customers and partners of the organization.

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