SEO Strategies You Can Use to Skyrocket Your Rankings


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, are the strategies used for improving your site’s chances to be on the first page of search results when somebody searches using a particular keyword or set of keywords. For you to learn how to improve your website’s rankings, not only do you need to learn about keywords, titles, backlinks, URL, anchor texts and others, but you also need to know the kind of attitude that is required. The truth is, you can learn all the strategies in the world and still not make it if you don’t have the right attitude about doing the work required. Only people who take their task seriously end up having significant results. You must also be prepared for the fact that search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms, and your search ranking may change as a result. And, you must have patience because improved rankings does not happen overnight.


  • Use the Right KeywordsThe first thing you need to know is that every small detail requires research. Even if you have just written one article you want to publish, you should do a lot of research on the subject and find ways to transform it into a search engine friendly article. What this means specifically is that you want to make sure your article contains good keywords, which are keywords that have high search volume but low competition in terms of other websites using it. Any company offering online marketing services will agree that proper usage of keywords is one of the determining ranking factors that your website can have. Generally, using very generic keywords have been proven to be ineffective in Google search engine. If the keyword phrases you choose are very generic, it is pretty unlikely that you will rank high because of the high competition.
  • Analyse Your Competitor’s Strategies

    Check what your competitors are doing online and study their design, website navigation ease, keyword rich content, and style followed by top ranked sites in your industry. Try and incorporate their strategies in the essential aspects of SEO to enjoy higher search engine rankings!


  • Check The Layout Of Your Page

    Insert keywords into the heading of your web pages (called an H1 heading) and into the subtitles used on your page (H2 and H3 heading). Search engines focus on the words in the titles as they use them as indications to the main subject of the page. Keep your paragraphs brief, use bullet points and make your written content simple to read.


  • Follow an SEO Consultant’s Advice

    Check the services and other information provided by reliable SEO companies. Most SEO companies will conduct an audit and provide extensive reports on your website’s performance. You can also use this info: visitor location, pages visited, duration of page visit, keywords used to find you, etc. to improve website content and organise fresh web content to make it more appealing to the majority of website visitors.


  • Tag Your Website ImagesSearch engines might not be able to understand the images, but these engines can read the particular descriptions that you address to their images. An image’s ‘alt text’ is normally the text version substitute for each image posted on your web page. An ‘alt image tag’ are the phrases that a website visitor goes through when they move their cursor over an image and the search engine also reads those words, so ensure that you properly tag all your site images with a keyword.


  • Generate BacklinksBy far, the most important process required to improve the ranking of your website is to get as many quality backlinks as possible. There are many ways to do this including blogger outreach, forum posting, social bookmarking, and etc. When you come up with an article that has a link right back to your website and it happens to be published on a directory, then that link is considered as a backlink. If you have articles that link your website from some of these highly visited platforms, then your website will definitely rank high.However, it is advisable to check the links you are creating. Having backlinks from sites that are related to your niche is much better if you want to achieve high search engine rankings. Be sure to check who is linking to you regularly; irrelevant links can hurt your website’s performance while being listed or indexed on a search engine. There are companies just like Digital Search Group that offer services to manage your backlinks so you can also seek their help in managing and creating quality backlinks.


  • Create Quality ContentCreate original, quality articles related to your niche as it increases your website’s value helping your site to rank high on major search engines. This will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field besides leading relevant backlinks to your website – the key to higher search engine rankings!


  • Social Media Platforms and Press ReleaseSocial media platforms and press releases can be very valuable for local results and high rankings of your website. Ensure that you make use of locally available information as well as city details in your profile caption. Search engines will view the social media sites, and if you keep on mentioning local search words and phrases with the search engine keywords, you will start to notice additional results in the social media result sections of search engines. Social media marketing and press release services can be the most valuable local marketing strategies a company can use.Finally, you should monitor the search engine algorithms regularly to stay knowledgeable about various processes that affect your site’s SEO and make changes whenever necessary to your web pages. You can use free web tools for analysing your site’s SEO performance and even automate this step so you always have updated information on how to improve your website’s SEO campaign and make any modifications that can help improve web visibility.


Your website is a dynamic platform in a rapidly changing web environment, dominated by new content published on the web every second from different parts of the globe. Treat it as a global entity and not a static brochure to improve your website’s SEO strategies. This means having user-friendly content on your site, updating it regularly, responding to visitor queries promptly and ensuring easy navigation, quick page loads and a professional look for your website at all times!

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