Setting Up a Web Presence: Creating Your Mental Checklist

There are all sorts of different reasons that you might want to set up a website, and thereby create a web presence. The two basic categories of this kind of development would be that you’re either putting yourself out there for business reasons, or personal ones. Perhaps surprisingly, the mental checklist that you create for those processes is really going to be about the same.


And essentially, if you work through, in your mind, the steps that you’ll take after registering a domain name, make sure to understand how you inspect pages, find other pages to emulate, learn to use analytics, and always keep your goal in mind, you’ll largely be good to go.

After Registering a Name

Before you can create a web presence, you have to have a web domain. There are all kinds of simple, cheap, and effective ways to do this. But then, once your domain is purchased, it’s time to really start creating the web presence checklist. Included in this checklist are the steps that you have to take to maintain your privacy and security online, as well as ensuring you don’t lose your domain name later because of unforeseen clerical issues.

Learning To Inspect Pages

After your site is up and running, especially if you aren’t super familiar with how HTML and CSS work, you’re going to want to know how to inspect web code. Modern web browsers make this process easier than ever, and that means that you can not only look at the code of your own site, but can also see how other websites put together all of their navigation and styling information as well.

Finding the Best Pages To Emulate

And one way to fast track your web presence to a more valuable place is if you learn to emulate the best the web already has to offer. A quick search for the best blog websites on the net will give you several different people’s interpretations of the best design and content available, and from there you just have to make your ideas fit in those frameworks.

Using Analytics

Once your site is up and running, how do you tell how well it’s doing? How can you tell if people are engaged with your content, or just passing by it? To help you with the analytics process, there are tons of free tools that are available that give you incredibly detailed insight into all of this number-centric data.

Keeping Your Goal In Mind

If you find yourself frustrated during the website creation process, make sure that you keep it on your mental checklist that your goal needs to stay first and foremost in your mind. Remember your target, personally or professionally, and make every step of your creation process fit within that goal.

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