Short-Term Fleet Insurance: What it entails

If you own a courier business with several vehicles, there may come a time when you need to insure a car or van on a temporary basis. The reasons that you would need to do this vary, but could be down to needing larger vehicles for a one-off delivery or wanting to try out a new way of delivering goods, before 100% committing.


We spoke to insurance experts, Insurance Revolution, to get some more details about short-term fleet insurance.

What’s included in short-term fleet insurance?

Just like other types of insurance, what you’re actually covered for varies depending on your insurer. However, short-term fleet insurance will usually provide you with the same cover as your regular policy. This generally means you’ll be covered for loss, fire damage, theft, vandalism, traffic accidents, replacement, accident recovery and repair and legal cover for death or injury to other people and damage to their cars or property.

Just like standard fleet insurance, exactly what you’re covered for depends on whether you go for third party only, third party, fire & theft or fully comprehensive insurance. Don’t just assume that choosing third party only cover will ensure you get the best deal, there are many instances where fully comprehensive can work out cheaper.

What could affect the cost?

Just like regular fleet cover there are a range of factors that could affect the cost of your short-term fleet insurance premiums. For example, you could find yourself paying more if you’ve had an accident in the past, or if you have an active driving conviction on your license.

The type of vehicles in your fleet may also affect the price of your cover. The larger your vehicle, the more damage it could cause, so larger vans may incur higher premiums. Other factors include how experienced your drivers are, and where your vehicles will be stored when they’re not in use. If they’re locked away in a secure garage overnight, chances are your insurance premiums will be lower than if they were left on the street.

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