Social Media And Your Business: A Symbiotic Relationship

Today’s businesses have no choice but to integrate a digital presence into their business plan.  Every business has a subsequent website, mobile application, and/or blog presence to work the digital crowd.  

One of the most effective digital tools for business is social media.  The relationship between social media and your business should be symbiotic.  The vast social outlet supplied by the major social media platforms is too valuable a marketing opportunity to ignore.  

Here are a few ways your business and social media can work together to the benefit of everyone.  

Sharing buttons on your website

Put social media’s infinite reach to work for you by placing social media sharing buttons in critical positions throughout your website.  Your blog posts, your homepage, and your “About Us” page are all great examples of excellent sites for social media share buttons.  

Today’s web users know exactly what to do with those little symbolized buttons, and your website could use the exposure.  When a viewer links your site to their social media profile, you have free and instant marketing.

Your organization’s business profile

Set up your own social media profile for your organization, and work to champion at least one of the most popular social media platforms.  It’s quite a challenge to keep up with several social platforms, so try to focus your main push towards one main profile.

Your organization’s social media profile is also a great place for your PMP to shine.  Your profile is a useful host for launching marketing initiatives, seasonal deals, and other special projects your organization designs.  

Communication boosters galore

There are several ways to use social media to boost communication between your professionals and your target audience.  Social media is a place for fun and casual conversation, so use your business profile for such ventures.

Engage online users through creative promotions and specials that are specific only to social media friends of the business.  For example, offer a special code for 20 percent off one of your hottest products/services. People won’t pass up a simple way to save money, and you’ll have made one more lasting connection.  

Effective and inexpensive marketing options

Social media services like Facebook offer fairly inexpensive marketing options for businesses.  Placing ads on social media is the equivalent of placing a spot on the side of the Goodyear blimp.  People will see your message. It’s worth your time to research social media marketing options.  

Data trackers are helpful

Social media will also equip your organization with numbers.  The data tracking capabilities of Facebook’s marketing options are exceptional.  When you carefully track your data, you are presented with more opportunities to improve your marketing strategies.  

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