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Social media is for your business today what word-of-mouth was prior to the appearance of these online networking platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other widely used services are the battlegrounds where market players gather to compete for their audiences. Conversations regarding your brand are constantly happening on social media and you need to be able to monitor what people are saying. This is done by conducting a social media audit.

What Does a Social Media Audit Entail?

An audit of your social media, for all intents and purposes, is an exercise in reputation management. It is a list of actions that help you make the most of your social media accounts. What is the state of your social media presence? Are your profiles set up optimally for achieving your goals?

Businesses need to audit their social media presence so as to implement best practices regarding data collection, user interaction and branding. A social media audit can prove useful for service providers, content-driven enterprises and e-commerce businesses alike.

Benefits of a Social Media Audit

If you own a restaurant and someone is spreading a rumor that your food is contaminated, you want to find the source of that rumor. Especially if what is being said is untrue, ill-intentioned comments will hurt your brand. 

When bad comments spread from person to person offline, it’s difficult to isolate the negativity without the ability to engage people in conversation. The spreading of negative communication regarding your brand is almost impossible to track when it occurs verbally. With social media, however, it is possible to monitor the conversations people have about your business. 

It’s Not Always About the Bad

Checking for positive feedback on social media is just as useful as isolating detrimental comments. Being able to gain insights from the data you collect from your accounts will allow you to better understand what users enjoy about your brand.

Finding the Right Consultant for the Job

Working on your core business tasks is important for sustaining a viable enterprise. Conducting a social media audit is an involved process. Maintaining your accounts on several platforms requires a significant time commitment and the appropriate tools for the job.

If you decide to do your own social media work, you need to use software that allows you to aggregate data and post to multiple platforms at once. Running a useful audit also requires programs that can expedite the process and provide valuable conclusions.

Hiring a competent agency is an ideal arrangement for saving time and maximizing results. Top-level social media consultants use artificial intelligence to provide insightful audits. A competent social media analytics provider has advanced tools and a large clientele that reinforces their worth.

Netbase Offers Results

Netbase is a leader in the space of social media analytics. Their result-driven social media analytics tools produce razor-sharp, actionable insights that will help your business solidify its place in the market as an authority. Netbase offers case studies for you to look through and actual video testimonials from real companies. 

Depending on how extensive a presence you have on social media, an audit can take from a few minutes to an hour. href=””>Contact Netbase today to find out how you can take advantage of their advanced tools to grow your business and boost your results online.

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