Social Media Basics For Newbies

When it comes to the modern age, it seems just about everyone has some form of social media account.  Whether it is a Twitter page, Instagram, Google Plus, or Facebook.  You may be one of the few that has been trailing behind the trend and now find yourself wondering what exactly you might be missing out on.

If you are ready to start a social media account but aren’t sure what the ins and outs are to get started, look no further.  Here are the best tips for getting started as a social media newbie.

Don’t Post Too Much Or Too Little

There is a fine line between being a good social media user and a bad one.  The secret is a balance between overly active or hardly active at all.

It isn’t considered proper social media etiquette to post too many times a day or you can be seen as obnoxious and “taking over the feed.”  While on the opposite end of the spectrum you can also be considered a “lurker.”  This means that you read everyone else’s post but never post anything of your own.  You always want to make sure you contribute a fair amount but not too much.

Don’t “Vaguebook”

Instead of posting something vague like “today was just horrible,” leaving people frustrated and wondering what happened, try to be more specific.  Instead, post the actual situation you experienced such as, “I got into a car accident.”  

Use An Alias If Necessary

You may have avoided social media up until this point because of your career.  Perhaps you have a line of work which could be affected if photos or details about your personal life were to emerge from anything posted on social media.  Rather than avoiding social media altogether because of this risk, consider taking the precaution of using an alias.

While technically Facebook prohibits using a name other than your legal one on a profile, that doesn’t mean that this rule cannot be bent.  Plenty of people go under the name of an alias on Facebook since they don’t’ require you to show proof of identity.  Choose a name that you like that won’t be able to be identified as you unless you want someone to know.

Understand Privacy Settings

After choosing a name that suits you, you will want to make sure to familiarize yourself with privacy settings.  This means going into the terms of service and understanding what the default settings are, and adjusting them to your liking.

Some people like to have their posts public so that anyone may view and share their content. Others prefer their profiles to be private so that no one can see their posts if they are not on their approved list.

Interact On Your Friends Posts Too

It is important not to be a selfish Facebooker.  Make sure that you don’t only post, but also read and comment on your friends’ content too. This way it is a give and take.

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