Stay Ahead Of The Game: Technology for Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to attract new customers but you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd. 


One of the best ways to do this is through utilising new technology to keep your brand as the trend-setters within your industry.

This blog post looks at just a few of these new technologies:

Remote Exhibiting 

Need to attend or exhibit at a trade show but can’t make it to the venue? Well, thanks to telepresence robots you can attend a trade show without being physically in the building! 

Telepresence robots combine HD and 3D cameras onto a mobile robot that can be controlled from a remote location. These robots allow individuals to interact with attendees and can provide an exciting point-of-difference from your competitors.

With time at a premium for many business owners, these telepresence robots can help you get a feel for the event wherever you are in the world!

Cutting-Edge Exhibition Stands 

An exhibition stand is your way of projecting your brand to the attendees, but it doesn’t have to be static.

Work with your exhibition stand supplier to see how you can integrate TV screens, iPads and dynamic lighting onto your stand.

Your website will say more about your company than literature so try and incorporate a number of interactive areas where attendees can interact with your website via an iPad display stand or other large touchscreen displays.

Get Social 

Social media is almost as important as the event itself. Keeping your profile high before, during and after the show – social media is the ideal way to stay connected with all your new leads.

Make sure you keep on top of the event’s hashtag and find out which platform the event organiser prefers for the conversation.

Use the trade show as an opportunity to create content for your organisation by encouraging your team members to take lots of pictures, videos and then curating it into great content for your marketing after the show.

Scan & Sync Technology

Tired of writing out leads or having a pile of business cards as big as a house? And that’s before you start inputting them into your CRM system and following them up.

Believe it or not – there is a solution, new badge scanning technology that can sync directly into your customer database and can even collect key details about the exhibitor.

This will allow you to feel more relaxed about collecting leads and concentrate on the customer’s needs.

Matthew is the Marketing Manager for Display Wizard. He writes about trade show tactics and marketing tips on the Display Wizard Blog.

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