How To Successfully Blog, Geek Or Not

Blogging can be your business or it can be something you do in order to increase your business. If you don’t blog, and you have the internet, you’re one of the few people that don’t. Businesses have even realized the importance of this online form of journaling that has grown to be so much more.


If you’re blogging just because you have something to say or something to share you may want to consider monetizing your blog. You put time and effort into making a blog people want to read, why not get a little compensation for your efforts?

Come Up With A Unique Idea

The first key to a successful blog is to come up with a unique idea. Maybe you love Game of Thrones and want to create a blog about the show. Don’t just recap episodes, since there are plenty of sites out there that do that. Instead, talk about the show, the characters, the actors, and get down deep into it.

There are tons of blogs out there so finding a unique idea may not be that easy. However, you can use someone else’s blog idea and grow yours from it. Don’t steal their stuff, but come up with something that adds more to what they were doing and make it more unique to yourself.

Be Knowledgeable In Your Topic

Make sure you know a little something about the topic you want to blog about. If you’ve never watched an episode of Dr. Who you’re not going to win any readers by creating a blog dedicated to that show. If you’ve never had a boyfriend you’re not going to be someone people want to go to for relationship advice.

You can do some research on what you want to blog about, but you also want to have some base knowledge so you can come across as an expert in your blog. Back up your research as well, with some links to credible sources readers will know you did the footwork and it gives them an option to look into the subject more.

Don’t Forget The Rules

There are rules when it comes to creating a successful blog. If you want your blog to show up in  search engines and not get banished by Google you need to follow the rules. That includes linking to credible sources and properly using keywords, just to name a few things.

Don’t just throw keywords into your piece willy nilly. Take some time to research the keywords you want to use so that you can make sure they are things people are actually searching for. Make sure to spread them out, and don’t overdo them. You want the posts to sound natural and make sense or no one will want to read anything you have to say!

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Hello there!

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