How Technology Continues To Make Geeks Go Wild

If you are a technology loving geek, it’s pretty likely that you have been thrilled many times over the last decade or so, as new tech emerges each month, it seems, that can do so many things for you. These days many people do everything off their smartphones, where once upon a  time all you could do with a phone was make a phone call. Now with the internet and all of the app choices available, you can shop through your phone and even go to work through your phone.


While we still haven’t gotten to the Jetson’s entire meal from one pill, here have been some pretty stellar advances that have made the way we enjoy entertainment that much better, easier, and more interesting.

Connecting All Of your Media

These day, companies are coming up with ways for you to control everything you do and use from one device, from entertainment to other household things. One device to watch TV, listen to music, and to pick your next movie option, but that device is in control of other device. So, while it’s small enough to fit in your hand, you don’t have to watch that new movie on a smaller screen.

From Smartphones To Smart TVs

With smartphones you’ve now developed a way to shut off the lights or heater at your home when you have already left and realized you’d forgotten. But with that control, it also seems like people are being more controlled, are staying more connected anyway. How many times do you actually set your phone down and not look at it for hours on end?

Now there are also smart TVs, so unless you like video game systems or you have a collection of blu rays that you must watch, the only thing you need in order to connect to your favorite online radio stations or streaming services is a smart TV, and a wifi connection, of course.

Living In The Virtual Reality

While most people, in their general homes, aren’t playing virtual reality games where they are plugged in and moving their hands to control the character they are playing, the video games you are playing in your home have become more real to life, in the fact that you have many first person options with such realistic graphics available on the market these days.

While things like the Google goggles that were glasses that could connect you to the internet didn’t really pan out, there is always some new technological advance right around the corner.

Who knows what they’ll come up with next. Next the computers will just be implanted into your arm or your head and you’ll be the device.

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