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Technology of the Future

Technology is continuously changing and affecting our daily lives from entertainment to transportation we rely more than ever on technology to get by. At times it’s hard to imagine a world without some of the items we often take for granted such as TV’s, cars, kettles and our fridge freezers. Even these items will become more efficient in years to come and here’s a round up of what else we can expect over the next few decades.

Future of the Beauty Industry

When we think of technology the beauty industry isn’t always our first thought but apps could play a big part in our beauty appliances as we enter the 2020’s.

Have you ever found yourself searching for that one lipstick that you just love? Well, what if you have one device for all of your lipstick colours and shades that can be changed via a simple app!

1HQ have developed a concept design of a lipstick applicator that allows users to apply multiple shades or colours at one time, or independently through one device. If this was the case it would change the beauty industry for almost every product including nail varnish and eye shadows.

As well as the beauty industry there’s also the more obvious devices that are continually developing such as the smart watch.

Future of the Smart Watch

For a long time, we have been trying to find a replacement for the battery with rechargeable devices and lithium powered batteries and the engineers at the University of Glasgow may have found a solution – for the smart watch anyway.

They believe that a flexible supercapacitor can store energy and replace electrolytes that are usually found in batteries with sweat! The device would be covered in a polyester cellulose cloth and as the cloth absorbs the users sweat this would be converted into energy as polymer’s surface would create an electrochemical reaction.

These are just two examples of how items in our everyday lives could develop over the next few decades. We are sure you have some other ideas or have read about innovative designs and it’d be great if you would share them with us on social using #ProductPredictions

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