The Best of Web Design in 2018

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Web design is a bit like clothing fashion, as trends come and go, while some seem to hang on forever. If you are looking to create a unique, eye-catching digital platform from which to launch your business, here are just a few of the most popular design ideas that we are seeing online this year. 

  • Image Merging – Web designers are always looking for innovative ways to showcase graphics, and merging images so they blend together is very visually appealing –especially with the right choice of colours. The online Limecube website builder offers many exciting tools to help you create a unique website and with endless design templates at your disposal, it’s never been easier to produce something that will stand out from the crowd.
  • Interactions – In the endless quest to come up with a more interactive web experience, there are plug ins that allow the user to have some input. This can include calls to action – which take the user closer to conversion – and with an explosion of rich colours and sounds, you too can create a dynamic interactive platform to excite your site visitors.
  • Page Transitions – Moving from page to page can seem a little boring, as we wait for the data to load, yet by adding dynamic, animated page transitions, your site visitors will always be entertained. As denim is for the fashion world, page transitions are set to remain in vogue for many years, becoming more and more sophisticated as the years pass. If you want to retain your users’ interest, consider adding page transitions and you’ll be glad you did.
  • Collages – Thanks to Photoshop, it is easy to create stunning collages that blend with each other and this allows you to get creative with your image content. Experiment a little and you will eventually hit on a concept that works for you, and if you are lacking some inspiration, a Google image search will reveal hundreds of fine examples of web collage. If you have the budget, hire a web graphic artist who can create stunning collages using your chosen images, and by tapping into the power of digital graphic applications, your website will be a place that visitors want to remain.

The trend this year is for visually appealing features that are designed to hold the user’s interest, and with the right images and text, your hit rate will likely soar! You would be forgiven for thinking that this will cost you a fortune, yet with online web builders, you have an affordable solution to creating a professional looking site that will be your foundation to success. If we compare the web to the traditional, your site is your shop window on a very, very long high street, with millions of shoppers walking up and down, and if you want them to stop and take a look at what you are offering, these trends will produce the desired results.

Check out popular bloggers and you’ll get to see some fine examples of how to make digital content stand out, and just like a traditional shop window, you have to make regular changes, to attract frequent visitors, while still targeting newcomers. Marketing is all about constant change, and what might be a hit this month needs to be changed in order to hold the interest. Web design needs to be ongoing if you are going to stay the course, and there’s no cheaper way to do this, than using an online web design platform.

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