The Future Positions in IT: From Cyber Security to Cloud Computing

IT is a position that is constantly involving and spawning new positions. There are job roles now that were not even conceivable a few years ago. With machines due to do more of the menial tasks in workplaces, ensuring the world has a workforce that can adapt to and take on changing roles will guard against future unemployment.

From cybercrime professionals to artificial intelligence technicians here are some of the future potential positions in IT.

Artificial Intelligence Job Roles

Interestingly in regards to the data protection act, some experts believe that the creation of what will in effect be an ‘AI Ombudsman’ to oversee the use and collection of data by computer systems. Far from a Bladerunner styled dystopia this position will evolve over time as day to day work with artificial intelligence becomes a reality.

The level of trust that we can put into machines has been questioned recently with the incident involving a Tesla vehicle. This also brings into question who would be liable for incidents involving artificial intelligence which could spawn new fields in the legal industry as well.

Cyber Security Roles

Cybercrime is currently the second most reported crime in the US and with more of our data being stored online and the increasing sophistication of computer systems new avenues are opening for people to take advantage of.

This is already an expanding industry with both freelance and business opportunities. Entry level positions in cyber security will usually involve information security protection. The value of this information makes it a tempting target for criminals and companies will need to take this into consideration when developing a risk management strategy.

Cloud Computing Job Roles

With more businesses putting the majority of their data on a cloud-based system and the trend due to continue there will be increasing demand for cloud computing technicians in the future.

Businesses will need to have good information architecture to structure the different cloud networks and hiring a proficient cloud computing specialist or IT services firm will allow for a more efficient system.

Business Intelligence Analyst

As more data is being produced by organisations this is increasing the amount that needs to be processed. Whilst automation may be incorporated into this role the strategic thinking will require a human; for the foreseeable future at least.

This position will involve the use of data to provide justification for strategic decisions. A business intelligence analyst will analyse market and consumer trends and provide courses of action for that. Ultimately, business decisions are due to still be made by humans within the near future.

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The position of IT is constantly evolving and by its nature effects almost all industries in the business world. Ensuring you have a robust department and strategy is becoming more crucial than ever. Contact Netitude today to get information how to improve your IT systems and support.

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