The Intersection of Science and Business – Infographic

Marketers have always used data but in the past, access to powerful personal information such as shopping preferences, interests and other unique insights into what you like to do with your time and money, was fairly limited.

That was the scenario before we all went online, but as we now have a situation where half of the adult population in the world with access to the internet, uses social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin on a regular basis, this means that there is a lot more information about us that we are giving up via our smartphone or tablet.

The reason why marketing data has effectively been rebranded as big data these days, is clear to see, as it is a fair description of the level and power of the data that companies can harvest in order to target their customers in a much more defined way than ever before.

Being able to collate this big data in the most efficient way possible is a skill and that is where a business and data analyst comes into the equation.

This infographic takes a look at exactly what data analytics is all about and what role a data analyst plays in helping a business to make the most of the data they are generating and collecting. It is aptly described as the intersection of science and business, and with demand for big data growing every year, there is plenty of evidence that someone who possesses the necessary business and scientific skills, will not be short of work for some while to come.

Infographic provided by Villanova Master of Science in Analytics 


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