The rise of the superhero slot

Branded merchandise has always been a part of a superhero fan’s life

The Amazing Spiderman Lunchbox: Contains” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  CHEJ 

Think back over your childhood and you’ll know that there has always been plenty of superhero merchandise through which you could channel your favourite hero. Perhaps you had a Superman lunchbox, or your PJs featured the Incredible Hulk. Maybe you had a Spider-man duvet or wallpaper. Your ten-year old self might have imagined (if he’d stopped to give it any thought) that by the time he was in his 20s or 30s, he’d have said goodbye to superheroes.
However, for most of the population, that’s not quite how it’s turned out – in fact, it’s gone in the opposite direction, and today, superheroes don’t have a niche fan group; all kinds of people can’t get enough of them. Of course, the main driving force in this is the huge success of the Marvel franchise which has dominated at cinema box offices for a number of years now. But there plenty of DC character movies, too, so wherever your comic book allegiance lies, you can appreciate the two big industry players’ characters on the big screen.

And while most adult fans aren’t interested in branded lunch boxes (though there must be some!); there are lots of ways that fans can enjoy their favourite superhero away from the movies. One major example is the superhero slots that are dominating online casino sites such as bgo, Mr Smith casino and Coral right now.
What makes superhero slots so popular?

• Superhero games are always some of the most popular at the main casino sites; check out bgo’s compilation of its top five superhero slots and you’ll see the Incredible Hulk gets the top slot, with Iron Man, Spider-man, the Avengers and Thor up there with him. It’s easy to see why; thanks to the fact that the games are licensed by the movie franchises, the graphics and sounds are borrowed from the movies directly, so the games are absolutely stunning.

• Not only that, but the superhero slots have been designed with some great bonus round features, which pick out the particularly super aspects of their protagonists. The Incredible Hulk, for example, has a bonus round where you pick up more prizes by smashing cars and helicopters, in typical angry Hulk fashion. In the Iron Man 3 slot, there’s a free games feature in the Hall of Armor, which can be activated when you land three Iron Man logos anywhere on the reels. Once in the free games feature, you can choose from three free spins modes – Iron Man Mark 432, War Machine or Iron Patriot.

• And of course, there’s another big reason that people who like their superheroes will enjoy playing the slots themed around them. There’s always the possibility of winning big cash prizes, especially if you play any of the Marvel games that link in to the same progressive jackpot. Most players are realistic about their chances of actually landing the big wins, but if they can be hugely entertained while they have a go at winning, then why not?

• The other big pull of playing superhero slots is that a fan can get a little fix of their favourite character in just a few minutes, whereas if they played a console or PC superhero game that would take up much more time. When you’ve only got a short window to play; a superhero slot can fit the bill nicely.

With more superhero movies coming out this year – Deadpool and Batman vs Superman are up first – and others scheduled for release the next few years, it looks like superhero slots will continue to enjoy their top spots in the online casino world for some time to come.

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