Have You Thought About Adopting Hybrid IT Support?

It’s easy to assume that there’s a strict binary choice when it comes to IT support: either you outsource to a third party or keep your own IT support team. In recent years, the dominance of cloud computing has made it easier and more cost-effective to switch to external support, and yet many businesses dislike the idea of losing their entire onsite team.

So, why not go for the third option? Instead of having either one or the other, have both by adopting a hybrid IT support setup. You’ll outsource most of your IT support requirements but keep one or two members in the office.

Why Adopt a Hybrid IT Support Setup?

Outsourcing your IT support comes with plenty of advantages. Most importantly, it tends to cut down on costs, but it also provides a team of professionals who are dedicated to keeping current with the latest trends and threats. Moving most of your IT support requirements to an external provider maintains those benefits, but you still keep one or two people in your office.

Why keep people in the office? Well, we’ve seen plenty of hardware being replaced by software. For example, internal servers have been largely replaced with cloud-based data storage. However, you’ll still have more than a few devices in the office that could require attention. In most cases, only a small fix is required, so it’s better to have someone right there who can deal with the issue in a flash. It’s also valuable to have someone onsite to ensure plenty of contact during planning stages, and you’ll enjoy maximum uptime and scalability.

Ultimately, your smaller onsite team will take care of those day-to-day needs and onsite issues that would have been inconvenient to turn to an external support provider for, and they’ll be a fantastic liaison between your office and your external team if you should ever require extensive support. It’s an unconventional approach, but it might just be perfect for your business.

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